This is the Georgina Rodríguez dress that she has worn at the Qatar 2022 World Cup and that is sweeping Instagram +2023

Many know her as Georgina Rodríguez, others as Gio, and those of us who watched her reality show on Netflix know her as the “b*tch loves”. Georgina sweeps Instagram, especially since she follows in the footsteps of her partner Cristiano Ronaldo in the Qatar World Cup 2022. With extreme looks and suitable for the most daring, in the last few hours she has shown us two outfits that could become a source of divine inspiration if we travel to a place this Christmas warm fate. And be careful, in both cases opt for the same garment (but a different color).

The brutal physical transformation of Georgina Rodríguez that has made her the Kardashian of Europe over the years

A Friday look by Tamara Falcó

The same dress, two different colors

Bandeau, fitted to the body and midi, Georgina triumphs with this dress. So much so that during the Qatar 2022 World Cup she has worn it in two different versions: khaki green and black. Also, she has combined them in the complete opposite way, giving them different styles in both cases.

A new way to wear a silk scarf

Silk scarves are probably one of the most versatile pieces that we can find on the market. Over the years, fashionable girls have taught us to wear them as a banana, tie, top, belt, chocker, bag accessory… And now Gio shows us a new way.

Georgina Rodriguez Qatar 2022 02

wearing a dress bandeau plain in khaki green and fitted to the body, this Louis Vuitton printed silk scarf becomes the most popular asymmetrical top cool of the moment. Different and emulating a kind of corset, this accessory shows us that it adapts to all styles and situations. In addition, this idea can help us transform a simple dress that we have in our closet.

The importance of having a black dress in the closet

Smooth, fitted and very feminine, Georgina knows how to combine a black dress without having to get bored. Opting for an Army Green Caftan oversizedher white Chanel bag and her stiletto silver make all the difference.

Georgina Rodriguez Qatar 2022 03

To add glamor to the final look, Gio dressed the look with diamond jewel(s) in true Kylie Jenner style.

Photos | instagram @georginagio

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