“This is the funniest thing…” – Why Kanye West can’t stop laughing at Meek Mill criticizing him +2023

Kanye West laughs at his critics. The singer has been more concerned with controversy than music these days. He’s faced criticism all along, but neither that nor his fortune loss has affected his opinions or the choice to voice them thus far. It’s not just his words, but his actions that got him into trouble.

In addition to brands, many fans and other celebrities have since distanced themselves from Ye. In the meantime, he continues to conduct interviews and share his thoughts. In a recent interview, the Gold Digger singer touched on the subject of Meek Mill and couldn’t help but laugh. Here’s why.

Why did Kanye West laugh at Meek Mill’s criticism?

Mill is just one of many celebrities who have spoken out against Kanye West and his controversial statements. during one interview with Wack 100 in the clubhouse, The artist touched on the subject of Meek Mill, who criticized Ye for wearing a White Lives Matter t-shirt alongside political activist Candace Owens. Ye couldn’t stop laughing as he spoke about it: “Why did anyone think Meek Mill could tell me something? That’s the funniest thing.” Meek had previously criticized Ye, saying he hates his own people and has internalized racism.

In addition to stirring the pot by wearing the White Lives Matter, Ye also once spoke out on the George Floyd affair. The two have had their feuds for years and it looks like a new chapter in the feud has just begun.

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Clubhouse banned Ye after that interview, following many other shows. While he’s been away from music for a while, West is also busy running for the presidential campaign. His anti-Semitic views and praising Hitler have already done enough damage to make him enemies in the rap world.

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