This is Tamara Falcó’s favorite red nail polish, the manicure trend that will be a hit at Christmas +2023

Tamara Falcó is a big fan of red manicures, that’s no secret. She always bets on having her nails painted with classic nail polishes such as nude, more or less intense burgundy and red, but within her own tastes and style she subtly plays with the trends of the moment. For example, for this Christmas she has shared that his favorite red enamel is a more rosy but powerful and forceful wine. Yes, very similar to Pantone’s color of the year: Viva Magenta.

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Always so elegant, versatile and very feminine. Short shiny red nails are infallible and we love them for any time of the year, but of course it’s at Christmas when we feel like it the most. Tamara Falcó wears them perfectly, always short and round, very comfortable and elegant as the most stylish Parisians like them.

Tamara Falco

Tamara Falcó’s favorite red nail polish, the one that rejuvenates the most for Christmas

“The Malaga Wine tone is what this gray winter needs”, says Tamara Falcó on her Instagram profile along with a photograph of the new OPI campaign, a firm for which she is an ambassador and a lover. Specifically, Tamara Falcó’s nail polish belongs to the Nail Lacquer collection in maroon tones.

OPI Managa Wine Enamel
OPI (Málaga Wine Tone)

The best thing about this enamel is that it lasts up to a week and its application has gel and professional finish, as if you had gone to the beauty salon. The trick to make it look perfect is to double coat and finish with a top coat that gives it shine and a shiny finish.

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Tamara Falcó knows that there is no more infallible nail polish when the Christmas holidays arrive than red or burgundy, and they do not falter even before trends as powerful as green nails, glitter, glitter, blue or almost black dark brown . All of them are among the most requested this Christmas 2022, in full fever for simple manicures.

The Marquise de Griñón has an unmistakable classic style not only when it comes to dressing but also in her beauty looks. Thus, she is faithful to the most elegant and basic manicure: the red one. This year in a powerful rosé wine shade that rejuvenates your hands and elevates all your looks to the maximum sophistication, whether it is to go to a party, to dinner, to work on television or on a day-to-day basis.

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