This is how the Skechers stuffed slippers are going to run out due to the polar cold wave +2023

With the polar cold wave threatening to freeze us from head to toe, all our efforts are focused on sign warm and very comfortable clothes with which to continue going out on the street with style. We already have the perfect Stradivarius feathers and now we have signed some sports shoes with which to keep our feet on fire.

The perfect chelsea boots exist: they are in Lefties and can withstand the cold, the rain or whatever they throw at them for less than 24 euros

Skechers is the brand responsible for these sneakers, made of white leather and with Booty design, ideal for keeping the cold out by the bottom of the pants and be protected from the drop in temperatures that are coming upon us.

Skechers Winter Shoes

Skechers Teddy Ankle Bootie Trainers

Skechers Teddy Ankle Bootie Trainers

But if you are also one of those who has a hard time in that ankle area, that fluffy fabric is going to keep out a single gust of air under your jeans, even if they are wide legged. Come on, they are so warm and appetizing that once we release them we will not take them off until March and all this for 89.95 euros.

You already know that we adore white sneakers in all their versions, because they are a staple of the capsule wardrobe and the bottom of the wardrobe. zentennialTimeless and never go out of style. But this Change of looks What has Skechers done to make them more wintery? we adore him even more.

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