This home remedy helps immediately against swollen eyes +2023

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This trick helps immediately against swollen eyes

Beauty home remedies: This trick helps immediately against swollen eyes

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Big eyes again? This great home remedy puts an end to swollen eyes for good!

Has the thought carousel kept you awake? Was it later again for you and your best friend? Or did your favorite series keep you from sleeping until late at night? Whatever the trigger for your short night: The result is literally written all over our faces the next morning. Puffy eyes aren’t necessarily what we meant when we wanted a seductive bedroom look.

All the better that a trip to the kitchen is enough to put an end to the tired look!

With this home remedy you will get rid of swollen eyes immediately:

All you need are two tea bags of black tea. The tannic acid contained there, tannin, reduces swelling in the eyes and at the same time has a calming effect on the thin skin around the eyes.

Just pour hot water over the black tea bags and then let them cool down. Then put the wet bags on your tired eyes for a few minutes.

If you are constantly suffering from swollen eyelids, we advise you to consult a doctor – kidney malfunction or other diseases can also be a cause.


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