This dry shampoo in wipes has a waiting list and leaves your hair clean for longer

This dry shampoo in wipes has a waiting list and leaves your hair clean for longer +2023

What beauty editor and of many hair issues, I usually always look for products that transform my fine hair and lengthen that feeling of clean hair for longer. And in that sense, the dry shampoo wipes to avoid having to go everywhere with the spray (because I can carry it in my bag) and it also leaves my hair with a lot of more texture and shine in front of others who leave residues on me scalp and in my hair. Because they also combine the advantages of leaving hair loose and without waste and the fact that they are biodegradable and compostable. In short, they are all wonders since I use them.

And even more so, when I know that behind them is sam mcknightCate Blanchett, models like Kate Moss and it was from the same Lady Di. The best thing is that, in addition, since McKnight has always worked in the rush of shootings and parades, he knows what all kinds of hair really need, especially fine ones, and this hair stylist always thinks about practicality when it comes to not worrying about using a thousand products. to achieve a great look on hair that tends to get oily easily.

Also, on more than one occasion, the stylist has confessed his obsession for all women’s hair to look really healthy, moving or reflecting light making us feel better and with that philosophy I have become his most unconditional fan. And everything that he always recommends on his Instagram feed and the products he launches seem very good to us and even more so these all-in-one wipes that work as a dry shampoo for clean hair for longer and with texture and without residue for lazy girls like me.

How does dry shampoo wipes work?

  • Cleans excess oil from the roots and product accumulation.
  • They solve a bad hair day Like a dry shampoo without the white residue of a dry shampoo.
  • Their Format is very comfortable to take everywhere.
  • Moisturize, soften and fight the frizz.

What types of hair does dry shampoo wipes work for?

The dry shampoo in wipes works very well on hair with oily roots, which get dirty easily, for you if you can’t or want to wash your hair daily or if you have bet on him fringe and you want to refresh it and that it fits you even better because it is a cut that can give you war.

How to use the dry shampoo in wipes?

You just have to pass them through the roots and, for a more thorough cleaning, separate thick strands and clean one by one until the middle of the hair. And then, massage the scalp to remove excess product, cup with your fingers and you’re done.

Lazy Girl Hair Cleanse Cloths

On sale at Laconicum (25 euros)

The ideal solution for oily roots (and without leaving any white residue). You just have to pass them through the hair root and massage the part to remove the accumulation of product.

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