This Burgos town of 50 inhabitants, located on a natural stone bridge, is one of the most beautiful to visit for a weekend +2023

You have to see the number of charming towns that we have in our country and everything we have to discover. Thus, today we want to go to the province of Burgos where we have signed one of those wonders that remain stuck in the retina and that, without a doubt, is a perfect option to escape to on any given weekend.

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we talk about puentedeya town that only has 50 inhabitants but that falls in love with every corner of its curious geography that is located in the Las Merindades area, bordering on the Basque Country, 12 km from the town of Villarcayo.


Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of Puentedey is the natural environment that surrounds it, the tranquility and peace that is breathed and that are crowned with the Puentedey Natural Bridgewhich has been legendaryly attributed to the “physical finger of God”, under which the Nela River flows.

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Its special composition has made it enter into the network of the most beautiful towns in Spain and it has been thanks to the fact that it is a medieval complex that was built on the natural bridge of the river and where we can find manor houses and precious popular buildings.

One could also highlight the church of San Pelayo, known as the palace of the Brizuela family, which is fortified, as well as its streets and its delicious gastronomy in which products such as vegetables, foal and lamb meat, homemade breads or pregnant buns


Undoubtedly, a place full of charm where we find very interesting rural accommodation such as the rural house The Fuentetrigo II (216 euros) a few kilometers or the Accommodation Manzanela (180 euros).


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