they look like UGGs, they are hotter and they cost less than 30 euros +2023

Although UGG boots were invented in the late 1970s, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the brand revolutionized the world of fashion. They soon became a cool fad, landing on the covers of all the fashion magazines. Highly priced, there are many firms low cost who have been inspired by these models to release their own versionsand this 2022 Oysho conquers us with a model that is difficult to miss.

Gigi Hadid's UGG boots are now almost 100 euros off and promise to be a must this winter

In brown tones and a flat sole, the brand wants to sneak into our closet and ensure one of the top positions. Simplicity, comfort and style go hand in hand with the intention of solve all our winter looks. If a few weeks ago we noticed the option they had for skin, this time the hair effect takes center stage.

Women's flat camel ankle boots with fur lining and elastic closure with button.

Women’s flat camel ankle boots with fur lining and elastic closure with button.

The perfect boots for the coldest days of the year exist

If you are one of those who usually get dressed every day by the feet and suffer from being cold in winter, Oysho has the solution to all our ills. In the form of flat boots, UGG-like silhouette and lined with short hair, this design is presented as the perfect solution to go to the snow splurging style.

Oysho Ugg Boots 01

Its synthetic hair fabric is suitable for outdoor use thanks to its rubber sole. Beige in color, versatility is part of its DNA. Whether with skinny pants or even with boyfriend jeans, these boots want to combine comfort and simplicity. cost less than €29.99 and they promise to be the center of attention of our final styling (impossible for them to go unnoticed).

A similar option but for less

If we prefer, and following the same premises, the brand also offers us a chocolate-colored version lined with sheepskin for €22.99.

Oysho Ugg Boots 02

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