they cost less than 10 euros and are available in three colors +2023

The ugg bootsthat trend that hits more or less strongly, but is always there. This season they are certainly succeeding in all its designs: high-top, low-top, with platform, with sole track… But of course, it is a shoe that costs us something, especially if we think about all the expenses that we have ahead of us this month (hello gifts, invisible friends and Christmas meals Cada dia).

This is the viral accessory that will allow you to wear UGG boots in the rain without fear of damaging them

That’s why we are hyper fans of the versions low cost of the UGGs. At the moment we already had the UGG boots from H&M and the UGG boots from Oysho on file, but today we have added another clone and the person in charge is none other than lefties. The Inditex firm has a most economical and warm version of these boots: they cost 9.99 euros and are available in three colors:

Lined ankle boot

In brown, the most popular, it is perfect for those looking for a versatile model that is easy to combine. 9.99 euro.

Brown lined ankle boot

Also available in black and gray

Black Lined Ankle Boots

On the other hand, in black they are ideal to wear with anything, be it a light color or a dark color. 9.99 euro.

Black lined ankle boot

Gray Lined Ankle Boots

Finally, they are also available in grey, a color for the most daring who want to experiment. 9.99 euro.

Gray lined ankle boot

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