They are in Lefties and can withstand the cold, the rain or whatever they throw at them for less than 24 euros +2023

you never have enough shoes if you are a lover of fashion and footwear in general, but the most sensible thing is not to lose your head, including in our collection sure bets that meet several requirements, Like these Chelsea boots from Lefties that have it all.

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And when we say everything, we mean everything: one of the most versatile that exist -for a reason it is the favorite of icons like Alexa Chung-, a most tasty sock finish and the sole “tocha” favorite of the insiders, the type truck. Come on, a luxury from the hand of leffties no we want we can let go

Ankle boots

But as if the number of qualities they have were not enough, they are also fantastic on the economic issue, because they are within the special Lefties prices and they can be our lowered for only 29.99 €23.99.


In two other ideal colors


If the cream color does not fully convince you, you can always bet on a classic that goes with everything, the blackthis same design is found in Lefties at the same price for 29.99 €23.99.



And for the indecisive, nothing like this color combination -black and brown, two basics- that it is also discounted and at the same price for 29.99 €23.99.


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