These makeup mistakes make you look older than you are

These makeup mistakes make you look older than you are +2023

makeup mistake Anyone who puts on make-up like this quickly looks older than they are

Make mistakes a thing of the past with these makeup tips.

Make-up is actually there to make us feel better – in whatever form. Here you can see which mistakes can quickly have the opposite effect.

Sometimes less is simply more. This can also apply to make-up – especially when we actually want our beauty routine to make us feel better. Because: Even with make-up products, you can accidentally make some mistakes – they are not always as obvious to us as mascara eyelashes or lipstick sticking together on your teeth.

These makeup mistakes happen faster than we’d like

Of course, our appearance does not only depend on make-up and styling products. Adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and plenty of daylight can all do just that to help brighten your complexion and lift your spirits. In the video we tell you which make-up mistakes you can avoid to look fresher and more alert. A little tip: Most of the time you don’t have to acquire any new technology or buy great products…

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