These are the wicks without discoloration to revive dull hair and not compromise the health of the hair

These are the wicks without discoloration to revive dull hair and not compromise the health of the hair +2023

The more styles of highlights we discover, the more difficult it seems to choose the perfect highlights. After seeing how beautiful tweed balayage wicks are or how low-maintenance airtouch wicks require, now we come with wicks that completely change the hair no need to bleach hair.

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we are referring to halo wicks without fading, which are the perfect option for those looking for an improved result of their hair but at the same time ultra natural. It is a coloring that makes dull hair brighten, look more beautiful and completely renewed as if it were a hair treatment.

Also, as we anticipated, the best thing about these highlights is that if you have natural hair without any type of coloring, no bleaching needed, but the highlights are made directly with the dye. Therefore, we are talking about highlights that are going to be much more respectful of the hair and are great for those who do not want to subject their hair to bleaching.

With this coloring practically no maintenance or root touch up needed, since the highlights are lost with the new hair without practically any cut being appreciated. But they will continue to bring a lot of light to both the hair and the face.

The result are some very subtle reflectionswhich achieve a beautiful change in the hair and which remind us a lot of highlights shatush that both rejuvenate the hair, with the difference that this technique that we bring you today does not require bleaching. For it too light tones are not used but those that go best in harmony with the base of the hair, and since the hair is not previously bleached, the dye does not lighten the strands as much either. At most you can lighten two tonesleaving a very attractive halo of light that transforms the hair.

How are halo highlights made?

One of the best techniques to get these wicks is the one with crepe. For it the base of each lock is carded and then a zig-zag is made on the wick and the dye is applied almost from the crepe to the ends.

As we have seen, it is important to keep the dye for the proper time of 30 minutes and under low heat. So the temperature will help the tips to lighten as well and avoid darker shades.

Another feature of halo wicks is that the locks close to the face are usually intensified, to imitate that halo effect that illuminates both the hair and the face. The same that is achieved with the famous wicks money piece but much more subtle, and more in this case that we are not going to resort to previous bleaching.

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