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GThe receding hairline is a thorn in the side of many men and uncomfortable – especially when the hair starts to fall out at a fairly young age. Don’t worry though, because even if a receding hairline causes headaches for many men at first, they belong to you and with the right hairstyle, these look great too. We show you the best hairstyles with a receding hairline.

How are receding hairlines formed?

The formation of a receding hairline is like one Bald head mostly hereditary. The hair loss is caused by the metabolite dihydrotestosterone triggered. who of hereditary hair loss affected, in which the hair follicles are more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone than normal, which shortens the growth phase of the hair until it stops completely and no more hair forms.

So it’s important to note that receding hairline forms because of your genes and is therefore a part of you. That they are due to too much or too little testosterone arise, is a myth, by the way.

The best hairstyles for a receding hairline

Hairstyles with a receding hairline can be in two categories divide: There are variants that slightly conceal the receding hairline, or hairstyles that even deliberately emphasize it. It is not for nothing that there are many stars from film and television who have made their small “flaws” their trademark.

However, wearing a receding hairline confidently is the be-all and end-all, because desperate hiding tends to be much more negative for other people. With the right hairstyle, you will learn to love your receding hairline.

What you should definitely avoid with a receding hairline

  • Don’t let your hair grow too long: Hair should not be too long, especially if you have a receding hairline. It sounds logical at first that particularly long hair hides the unwanted corners, but at some point the hairstyle no longer looks symmetrical in combination, which is why it can quickly look strange.
  • Gentle on your hair: Anyone who is prone to hair loss should take care of their hair and not strain it too much, as this often aggravates the problem. It is best not to use too many styling products and make sure that you use high-quality products. Here, those from the hairdresser are often better than items from the discounter. It is best to get individual advice from your hairdresser.
  • Your hairstyle should look natural: Again and again you meet men who are particularly bad at coping with hair loss and try to hide the corners by hook or by crook. Most of the time, such unnatural constructions are much more noticeable with a lot of hair gel. So make sure that your hairstyle looks natural.

Very short hair (buzz cut) with deep receding hairline

The British actor Jason Statham is probably one of the most famous wearers of this hairstyle and has made it one of his trademarks alongside his martial arts. The hair grows in this hairstyle 1 to 5 millimeters in length shaved. Due to the particularly short hair, the scalp clearly shines through.

This hairstyle is particularly advisable if your receding hairline is already very advanced.

Sounds strange, but due to the missing hair, the focus is much more on your face, since the hair is missing for contrast. Incidentally, the men’s hairstyle works particularly well in combination with a beard. This is a variant of the Buzz Cut.

Short hair with easy styling

With this hairstyle, the receding hairline is not concealed, but emphasized by the middle section being slightly styled up with a little wax – this makes the bare corners exposed. This men’s hairstyle is a scissor cut, whereby the hair is cut relatively short.

A wearer of this hairstyle is the world famous actor Jude Lawwho is known as a gentleman and advertising face of Johnny Walker and as a companion in the Sherlock Holmes films.

The side parting with receding hairline

The classic side parting is a good choice, especially if your receding hairline is not yet very pronounced. It looks neat and is the perfect men’s hairstyle for the office. In addition, it is suitable for all age groups.

The side part conceals the receding hairline a bit, as the hair is laid over one side. With this hairstyle you can try out several variants and vary with the length of the areas. A slight fade makes the hairstyle modern especially for younger men and doesn’t make it look too conservative. If you want to learn more about the side part and how to style it, you will find it here our detailed article.

The hair is slightly gelled back

This variant also falls into the category of men’s hairstyles that Conceal the receding hairline than to emphasize them. The front hair is left a little longer and laid back or to the side with the help of wax. They cover the missing hair without making the construction look too artificial. Like the side parting, it is a good choice if your receding hairline is not that pronounced.

The short bangs

The short bangs can either have the receding hairline easy to conceal or you emphasize. How it is perceived depends on the length of the hair. The shorter the fringe and the other hair areas are worn, the more noticeable the receding hairline is. If the fringe is longer, it can be styled with a little wax so that the receding hairline is partially covered.

The bald head

Be brave men! Sometimes the bald head is the right choice if you are bothered by a receding hairline. Not only is the hairstyle very easy to care for, making visits to the hairdresser a thing of the past – it also looks really great on many men.

It is not for nothing that there are many stars who have decided to clear cut. If you want to learn more about the bald head, then you will find here our article with all the information.

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