These 8 hairstyles will solve your week: they are easy, fast and they will take just a few minutes. +2023

It doesn’t matter if you have the short hair, length, smooth either curly because you can always find a hairstyle for your mane The pigtail It is already an infallible classic for those days when you don’t know what to do with your hair, but the low moo has come to stay.

Loose hair is the least seen trend, although the bob cut is one of the most repeated this fall. The braids They come back with the most original decorations and they bring tricks that will make your hair look as if it had just been taken from the hairdresser. If the trends they pointed to the collectedwe have selected these eight hairstyles that will take you a short time and with which you can show off an impeccable mane.


Do you want to give your hair a thicker look? The bubble pigtails either bubble pigtails they are the perfect choice. This hairstyle is ideal to go to your night events with an original hairstyle. Also, it won’t take you more than five minutes because you only have to comb your hair, put it up in a high ponytail, shape the bubbles with some hair bands and that’s it. But if you are not sure, with this tutorial you will get it the first time.


A textured low ponytail It is the solution for days when you have less time, but want to have your hair well groomed. It is a very versatile hairstyle, perfect for both an elegant look and to wear on a daily basis. There is nothing more to look at Mara of the Order and this low ponytail so well combed with long hair, easy to get at home and in which you will not have to spend much time. In this video you will get the definitive trick for an ideal ponytail.


If you want to renew your hair and you are looking for a trendy hairstyle, the bob cut is the trend you need. you can choose long bob, microbob either mini bob. In addition, you will not have to worry because this hairstyle will not need more than a couple of minutes of your day to day. Sharon Stone inspires us when choosing this hairstyle. You will have not just one, but five hairstyle ideas for this haircut.

Ponytail and Braid: THE PERFECT TANDEM

Uniting the two trends is a success that you will not be able to resist. To get out of the classic ponytail, add a braid and you will get a perfect hairstyle for day to day. If you have a special event and you want to decorate your hair, add a ponytail holder like this one that blanca mir as a creeper and that has left us fascinated.

you need more inspiration? Write down these ideas to give a different look to your hair.


The trends were already pointing it out and our celebrities have confirmed it to us: the low moo is going strong. It is a simple, classic and easy option to achieve. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick and easy hairstyle, the low bun should be your choice. Work equally well on both long and short hair. Write down this idea of Sarah Bruno for a low, easy and beautiful bun.

Ponytail for short hair

A ponytail compatible with short hair? It is an absolute yes. As we have seen in many of the looks of tamara falc, his trusted hairstyle. So if you have to leave home quickly and you can’t dedicate the time you want to your short hair, get a low ponytail parted in the middle. But if you are not sure, these hairstyles for short hair can help you.


Classic girls have the solution for a quick and easy hairstyle. just a semi-collected to which you can add from a touchedup to one diadem or even a Barrette. With this hairstyle, your hair will have all the attention and you won’t have to spend more than five minutes on it. These semi-collected for short or long hair can be your inspiration.

HIGH Ponytail Hairstyle with Volume

It is also possible to give your hair more volume with a pigtailthe favorite hairstyle of Eva Longoria. You can give it a different touch with a parting in the middle and open bangs, to give a fresher touch to your face. We advise you to follow this trick to give your ponytail the volume you are looking for.

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