These 3 things French women do NOT do with their hair

These 3 things French women do NOT do with their hair +2023

hair care These 3 things French women do NOT do with their hair

French women know some great hair care tricks.

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French women are known for their very special chic and the ability to look great with little effort. This also applies to her hair. We tell you the coolest hacks and above all what French women usually do NOT do.

Yes, it is always worth looking beyond national borders to see how certain things are made there. This not only applies to social or political regulations, but also to the small things in life that concern us every day – such as hair care. We can also pick something up there. For example, with the French, who use little tricks to make their hair shine. You’ll be amazed at how easy these hacks are, because they all have one basic principle: less is more. And it’s not about what French women do, it’s more about what they DON’T do.

1. Not washing hair every day

While the majority of people in this country use shampoo every day, French women usually make it a little easier for themselves. The hair is not washed every day, but at most every other day. And that makes sense too. Because frequent washing can damage the natural protective layer on the scalp. The result: itchy scalp, dandruff, greasy roots and dry lengths. In addition, many braids and updos are best done when the hair is not freshly washed. So why not take a day off for healthy, shiny hair?

2. Not washing hair in the morning

Have you ever wondered why so many French women have frizzy, slightly wavy hair? This is because in France it is more common to wash your hair in the evening. Dried overnight, the hair gets small natural waves, which make it more manageable and voluminous overall. Another plus: You have more time to sleep in in the morning. Tres bien, right?!

3. Don’t blow dry your hair

One more thing you can safely leave out. The constant blow-drying of the hair dries it out quite a bit. The result: the hair looks dull and limp. Therefore, the washed strands – quite French – let it dry relaxed in the air and see what happens. Maybe you too will notice that your hair suddenly looks much healthier.


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