These 3 hairstyling mistakes make you look older than you are +2023

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These 3 hairstyling mistakes will instantly make you look older than you are

We explain which three hairstyling mistakes you should avoid.


With the right hairstyle you can not only emphasize your personality, but also appear younger. But the opposite can also occur. We explain to you which mistakes you should avoid when styling your hair so that you don’t look older than you are.

Advertisements are everywhere about how we can look younger with the right skin care products, exercise routines or special foods. But what actually plays a big part in how we appear younger than we are is styling. For most, styling starts with the clothes. Whether you dress sporty, dressy, or casual can have a different impact on how old you are perceived by others.

From care to hairstyle: You should avoid these 3 things

But not only the clothes are important. With the “wrong” hairstyle, you can quickly appear older than you actually are. In the video we explain which hairstyling mistakes you should definitely avoid if you don’t want to look older than you are.

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