There is something that Jenna Ortega does not like about the ‘Wednesday’ series on Netflix and we agree with her +2023

When Netflix released the fourth season of stranger things We thought that few series could surpass the success of the one starring Millie Bobby Brown. But then it came Jenna Ortega from the hands of Tim Burton and the impossible now seems possible.

It has slipped into top 5 most watched series of the platform, there is talk of a second season and it has slipped among the best Netflix series of history. And it is that the dark adolescent story of Wednesday Addams is being a phenomenon that does not stop growing.

Full of hidden winks, the Netflix series is a discovery that continues to surprise us with details about the filming such as the protagonist had Covid during the filming of her famous dance scene. The last secret that has come to light has to do with the plot and with something Jenna Ortega doesn’t like about her character.

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Alert, SPOILER: If you are still watching the series and have not finished it, it is better that you do not read what we are going to tell you next, because although we are not going to reveal the end of the series, we will give a couple of details about the development of the same and we do not want a spoiler to swarm over you that could spoil anything that you have left to see.

What Jenna Ortega doesn’t like about her Wednesday character in the Netflix series

The story of Wednesday in Addams takes place in Nevermore, a school for “outcasts” in which the protagonist must solve a mystery. But also, it is the presentation of a Wednesday who lives the life of a teenager, with new friends and with something that the actress did not like about her character: the love triangle that he maintains with Xavier and Tyler.

Wednesday Tayler Netflix

I revealed it in a interview with etalk in which he stated that from the beginning has always been against including that kind of relationship in the story. And we couldn’t agree more. The personality of the young Addams seems to have little to do with this type of trouble, not only because of the way she sees love and friendship, but also because of the essence of Jenna Ortega’s character itself.

Wednesday Xavier Netflix

She herself admits that “as far as the boys are concerned, I had to accept it, but honestly, I am going to fight this story with all my might. I don’t think Wednesday had ever been in a love triangle.“. And he adds that he spoke with the writers of “the opportunity to include a really sweet platonic relationship because I don’t think it shows enough, men and women who have platonic relationships that do not become romantic.”

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The relationship that fans want Wednesday for its second season

Wednesday Enid Netflix

Instead how about a relationship with Enid Sinclair, her roommate, and Wednesday? Wenclair, the ship that fans are clamoring for, is something both actresses have talked about.

In Elite Daily Emma Myers said that the relationship between the two is something very powerful. “I feel that people want to see powerful women with powerful women.” And Jenna for her part assured with mtvnews that “now that Tyler is off the table, I feel like my character has drifted away from the guys for a while.”

Wednesday Netflix

While he comes the second season of Wednesday We have to wait for what the new Netflix star has in store.

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