‘The Witcher’s Joey Batey Teases Jaskier About Romance In Season 3: ‘Maybe With More Than One Person?’ +2023

The Witcher: Origin of the Blood may tell a brand new story, but it starts with a familiar face. The upcoming miniseries may be set in the past but features nothing more than an actual version of Jaskier (Joey Batey). Exactly how the bard relates to this tale of the continent’s first witcher is a surprise fans will have to wait and see for themselves. But during a recent press day for the series, Batey teased for Decider what’s in the story for Jaskier The Witcheris next season.

“There’s a lot more to do in Season 3. Maybe there is a bit of romance? Maybe with more than one person?” Batey said.

“As we get to Season 3, we’re really delving into – for me – some of the best parts of the books,” Batey added. “And I think fans of the books will know what’s coming, and I hope they know it’s done in such an incredibly epic and crazy, magical way.”

We already know who Jaskier has the most chemistry with: Geralt. But alas, that’s not canon in the books. Of course, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich could throw away the source material and give fans what they really want, but for now, the best way to find out who Jaskier’s love interests are is to check out Andrzej Sapkowski’s work.

Dandelion – the name of the novels and games for Jaskier – has had several romantic partners and infatuations. A romantic, his interest in poetry was sparked at the age of 19 by his love for the Countess de Stael. In fact, the first time Geralt met Dandelion had something to do with his love life. The two met at Gulet in Aedirn when Dandelion was hiding from four men who were angry at him for getting their sister pregnant.

Aside from all this history, there are three romantic partners for Dandelion who figure prominently in the books and games: Anna Henrietta, Vespula, and Priscilla. Dandelion’s affair with Anna Henrietta, Duchess of Toussaint, took place before the Ciri saga really began. Their relationship lasted about two months before Dandelion fled, fearing the Duke would find out about their involvement. The two were reunited after the Duke’s death when Geralt and Dandelion returned to Toussaint in search of Ciri. They happily resumed their relationship. Dandelion even stayed behind with Anarietta instead of continuing Geralt’s journey, but it wasn’t long before Dandelion’s roving eyes overwhelmed him. After he was caught with the Baroness Nique, Anna Henrietta banished him from the duchy forever.

His brief relationship with Vespula is no more elegant. The two had a brief relationship in the 1260s that ended when she found out he was pursuing other women. While trying to get revenge on the bard, she attacked Dudu, a doppler posing as Dandelion at the time. Years later, he was able to persuade her to give him one last chance, but when she saw him with a blonde woman, she ended things immediately.

Which brings us to Priscilla, a character that only appears in the games. It is widely believed that Priscilla is based on Essi Daven, a young and talented bard whom Dandelion will see as a little sister in the books. But in the games, Priscilla becomes the only person who can tame this wild musician. He even says that he hopes to settle down with her in Novigrad. It is possible that The Witcher Season 3 will either feature Priscilla or Essi will age Daven to make her relationship with Jaskier more romantic. Regardless of her name or her relationship to our musician, Priscilla / Essi Daven Dandelion is very important.

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