‘The View’ co-hosts roll eyes at ‘Harry & Meghan’ documentary: ‘Do we really care?’ +2023

Just a day after the trailer for the highly anticipated Harry & Megan Documentary fell, the co-hosts of The view burdened with her thoughts. While they were largely skeptical that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had anything to do with the trailer’s perfect timing — given his estranged brother’s visit to the United States this week — the panel, with the exception of Sunny Hostin, rolled their eyes at that the duo pushing the Netflix project forward.

Alyssa Farah Griffin admitted she was “affected”. Megan & Harry, since the couple had “already told their story”. She noted that “we were all watching” as Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah Winfrey for their in-depth interview in 2021.

Still, she admitted, “I’ll probably binge watch this when it comes out. But I kind of feel like they keep coming out in public even though they wanted to avoid it.”

Hostin, meanwhile, expressed that she thinks “it’s an important story to tell,” and told the panel how “surprised” she was that “so many people refuse to believe” that Meghan has racism within exposed to the royal family.

Ana Navarro, who is siding with Griffin, said she thinks Harry and Meghan are “very good” at marketing their story, telling her co-hosts, “I just wish that every time I Meghan and Harry saw they weren’t crying and wiped away tears and they gave me something positive.”

Hostin, who represented team Meghan and Harry, stepped in again to defend the couple, reminding the panel that the couple’s lives have been nearly “ruined” by the drama they have endured over the past few years. Joy Behar, of course, hit back with a more blunt answer.

“Do we really care? We’re dealing with election deniers and anti-Semites,” she insisted, to which Hostin replied, “Yes.”

Navarro chimed in with one last thought as she said, “I gotta tell you something: if you want privacy and you want to get away from the royal family, you have a hell of a way to do it.”

The view airs weekdays at 11/10 a.m. on ABC.

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