The videos of ‘El Hormiguero’ that show that Pablo Motos is a macho, no matter how much he denies it +2023

The machismo of Pablo Motos is grabbing headlines and all the media attention and it is the fault of the treatment that he has been giving to the women who go to his program for years. A snowball that has been growing and has now exploded thanks to a campaign by the Ministry of Equality and the disastrous statements of the presenter.

Hello, Pablo Motos, here is a feminist speaking.  The

The Ministry of Equality has launched a campaign entitled Then who? where they include a direct reference to one of the most sexist moments that the presenter left us in the primetime Spanish, when you asked Elsa Pataky what kind of underwear she went to bed with.

A reference from which Pablo Motos felt the need to defend himself, taking advantage of the speaker of his program to justify himself and whiten his machismo. He had help, program collaborators such as Tamara Falcó or Cristina Pardo criticized the government campaign with him.

He has denied everything, of course. But if the Internet has something, it is that everything is recorded and Twitter was quick to respond with compelling evidence showing the machismo with which Pablo Motos has been directing his program for years. A lot of sexist videos of the anthill they have flooded everything.

He has tried to kiss several women, from Chenoa to Alesandra Ambrosio. She has also made subtle mentions of her member, compared Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé’s butt and even has asked Pilar Rubio to show her tits.

He also couldn’t stop himself from making comments about Miley Cyrus’s body or calling Selena Gomez “sexy” as a minor. Her sexism is so obvious that she even Charlize Theron talked about it on an American program.

No, it is not an isolated case. No, it’s not cancellation culture. allow this misogynistic behavior in the most expensive hour of television broadcast defines us as a society and cannot be consented to. What is the use of teaching our children to respect women when they dine watching Pablo Motos behaving like a troglodyte?

Photos | Gtres, @coolturabasura.

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