The UGG boots that only you will wear are half price on Amazon +2023

When temperatures drop, a brand appears on the scene: ugg. The most famous Australian boots in the world are the best ally against the cold and their success is repeated season after season. Also, celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid declare themselves absolute fans of their designs and don’t hesitate to wear them 24/7.

11 occasions when street style and celebs have reminded us that UGGs (in different versions) are the coolest shoes

The firm has iconic models that many of us have in our collection, such as the ‘Classic Short’. Tinted in black, gray or hazelnut, this type of boots has an infinite number of clones in versions low cost Y It is difficult to leave the house in winter and not see them in every corner.

Sometimes, we get a little tired of them being so popular and our love for them seems to wane. To recover the enthusiasm for UGGs, we have searched for and captured a much more original alternative (for which all our friends will ask us).

This is the viral accessory that will allow you to wear UGG boots in the rain without fear of damaging them

The ‘Fluff Yeah Slide’ (the fur sandals, wow) and the ‘Tazz’ (which, by the way, are mega sold out) are the trending designs this season, but we recognize that wearing them daily is not an easy mission. In the end, the most practical boots. For this, we are left with the ‘UGG Classic Clear Mini’.

Ugh Boots

UGG Classic Clear Mini. 190 euro, 96.49 euros on Amazon. 169 euros in El Corte Inglés.

UGG Classic Clear Mini, Short Ankle Boots, Natural/Black, 39 EU

UGG Classic Clear Mini, Short Ankle Boots, Natural/Black, 39 EU

This model maintains the classic silhouette of the ‘Classic Short’, but opts for a finish that freaks us out: sheep surrounded by plastic. Available in beige and black, on Amazon they drop at half price today. A most succulent offer, since they can be ours for less than 100 euros.

ugg boots 2

In addition to how beautiful the design is (we know that not all of you will agree) these boots get along better in the rain than the other options. Remember that, to deal with water without a problem, UGG has in its catalog a rubber sock-type accessory to cover them that is viral on social networks.

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