The U-shaped haircut, the best option to give your fine hair more volume

The U-shaped haircut, the best option to give your fine hair more volume +2023

For weeks on Tik Tok the beauty addicts have gone crazy over a new beauty trend in the fall haircuts. It is a cut that redensifies fine hair, providing volume and body to the hair. A revision of the well-known V-cut that softens and rounds off its finish based on the update of layers so in demand this 2022 (and that promise to continue giving people talk next year).

With this new viral discovery on social networks, it is confirmed that there is no novelty without classical inspiration and, in the same way that the V cut left the sides shorter than the central area of ​​the hair, the cut Oval U-Shaped Layeras this trend cut is technically called, imitates its guidelines with the support of some soft and rounded layers that form the U-shaped view seen from the back of the hair.

How is the U haircut

This technique to shape the hair consists, basically, in letting the central back part be longer than the sides by means of a oval cut to read the mane from the back as if it were the capital letter U. In this way, the silhouette feels slightly curved (and not peaked like the V cut) although the most remarkable thing about the cut is its ability to thicken fine hair. Thanks to the integration of layers with a uniform contour that fall gracefully inwards over the lengths, an immediate effect of volume and body is generated throughout the hair.

Stylists divide the head into two symmetrical halves by parting down the middle from the forehead to the nape to begin cutting the lengths before entering the mid lengths. This technique also allows the finish to be adapted to each face, since the sides frame the face and can even be combined with some type of bangs.

Benefits of the U-shaped haircut

Although most of the influencers on social networks have been determined to promote the popularity of this trending cut by straightening the hair, the reality of this cut is that it is tremendously flattering on curly hair, keeping the hair under control with a volume than does not cake. Thus, its versatility is demonstrated, which is not only limited to the type of hair, but also to the coloration. In these moments in which gradients and techniques such as balayage They are the first references in beauty salons, this cut helps to show the shade from dark to light in all its splendor.

Its adaptability stems from the way it frames the face from the strands closest to the face, which, with a natural curved shape, will help define the most characteristic features.

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