The trick to flip the potato omelette and make you look like a chef with a Michelin star +2023

Although in the face of the eternal debate between “with onions” and “without onions” other nuances of the traditional omelette recipe go more unnoticed, the complexity of this dish ranges from the number of eggs to the 6+ rule. 3+1 by Karlos Arguiñano and going through the existence of the canned potato omelette. However, when it comes to turning it around, chef Dani García has the ultimate trick to do it without having to fight with the plate or drag the tortilla until it falls back into the pan, thus risking it starting to dismember.

The infallible secrets that you have always wanted to know to make the best potato omelette

Although the Marbella chef is supporter of tortillas without onionit is also very much in favor of leaving them little curdled and very white, just back and forth. This has a reason for being and it is thanks to a trick that allows you to get a creamy and well-cooked egg without having to risk the tortilla coating.

Furthermore, so that the potato omelette is creamy, but not liquefiedthe Andalusian opts for another simple trick: let the hot fried potato rest for about 10 minutes with the beaten egg, allowing it to cook slightly but without losing its texture.

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However, the most interesting of the tricks that the former three Michelin stars have provided on his Instagram account it has more to do with how to turn the tablesa gesture that is often a prelude to a real disaster.

If we want to prevent this from happening, what Dani García proposes to turn the potato omelette so that it does not fall apart, break and ruin the recipe is something as easy and simple as spray a little olive oil on the plate in which we are going to turn the tortilla and, in addition, add a few drops of water.

This will allow two things: the tortilla drains easily from the plate when we turn it over and, on the other, that we have a thin layer of oil that will come in handy so that it finishes cooking on the raw side when it returns to the pan. Of course, if you are not convinced by the trick, you can always use a double pan.

Double pan for tortillas El Corte Inglés

Double pan for tortillas El Corte Inglés

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