The time has come for a change of look and the Spanish hairdressers have something to tell you +2023

We are before a real boom of hair look changes. And we are not saying it, it is confirmed by stylists from our country who do not stop doing haircuts, hair tones Y treatments to get the best version of our mane. Layered haircuts are re-emerging with great force but bob cuts in all their versions, clavicuts and bobs are also a constant. shag cuts. As far as fashionable hair colors are concerned, the brown and the coppery and also the blondes but the latter, with less intensity than during the summer. And when it comes to treatments, the organic straightening and hair rituals with a lifting effect with plants and natural assets For a healthier and more beautiful mane. So pay attention because the time has come for a change of look and the Spanish hairdressers reveal to us which are the ones that are asking for the most in the hairdressers.

Layered Haircuts

Layered haircuts and bangs will

Layered haircuts and versatile bangs are some of the most requested at Spanish hairdressers.Chantelle Dosser.

gabriel plain, director of the salon of the same name, reveals to us that layered haircuts are the real stars this season for a change of look. “People are beginning to bet on these types of cuts that are gaining more strength than ever. Of course, they are not suitable for all types of hair because for the finest hair the ends are very poor, but they are spectacular if we combine them with open bangs to the Brigitte Bardot” Be the.

Ode to copper and brown hair

Copper-colored hair is also gaining ground over blonde hair this fall because they are very versatile colors and that they favor and bring light and warmth both olive-skinned women and fair-skinned women. Julianne Moore or Julia Roberts inspire us when it comes to wearing them because they play with nuances that go from orange to mahogany through red. Of course, they are not easy shades to maintain at home or suitable for all types of hair because they require more hydration treatments and specific masks and shampoos so that the pigments last longer on the hair.

The copper hair is

Copper hair is living its moment of glory this season.imaxtree.

Brown hair and browns worked with natural colors Plant-based products are also in high demand in salons, as assured by Ana Baladhairdresser, trainer and salon image consultant In Viso Hair Design.

white her

Blanca Surez combines trendy brown hair with hazel undertones with trendy curtain bangs.GTres Online.

Bobs, clavicuts and curtain bangs

Regarding haircuts, Eguiluz Gem, a senior stylist at the In-Viso salon, points out that a lot is being asked for the bob in all its versions. But also “clavicuts for straight hair because they stylize all faces and shaggy bob with layers and long, open bangs that are easy to maintain.

The bob, like the one Jenny Walton wears, is a cut that accompanies

The bob, like the one Jenny Walton wears, is a cut that accompanied by highlights or a trendy hair color is a sure hit.imaxtree.

Treatments that transform your hair

A current of hair treatments is also emerging that offer the best version of our hair to make it look healthier, stronger, shinier and without frizz. It is the case of MaXSuM Cocoa System with an improved organic formula that works both for curly hair so that the curls are more defined and elastic without having to straighten your hair, as well as for women with straight hair who want to eliminate the dull effect of their hair. And it has the advantage that in addition to leaving a spectacular shine on the hair, its effect lasts four months. (It takes place in the halls of The madroom de Juan Bravo, 21 and C/ Villalar, 1. Madrid. Price: 150 euros (anti-frizz), 300 euros (smoothing) and 150 euros (curl relaxation).

For her part, Ana Balad, hairdresser, trainer and image consultant at the In-Viso Hair Design salon, proposes a novel treatment with tomato active ingredients already underway in her salon with other biological active ingredients and flavonoids with a lifting and antiaging effect for healthier hair. rejuvenated and protected against external agents and deeply hydrated.

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