The silver top of the influencers of 50 that modernizes the looks with the most basic and elegant suits

The silver top of the influencers of 50 that modernizes the looks with the most basic and elegant suits +2023

Pilar de Arce has once again marked another great look with multiple possibilities in the agendas of women over 50 in which a black tailored suit is the protagonist. It may seem a simple option but she has shown that it can also be captivating and essential for those occasions in which the dress code requires a plus of sophistication. With this look it has been crowned showing that black suits can also be updated.

The Zara knitted dress with an elegant print that will exhaust the 50s: it is loose and does not mark

The influencer has given a very trendy touch to a black crepe suit from which it has become his favorite fashion firm to dress very elegant on a day-to-day basis, but which can be recycled at large events. This is the The Extreme Collection X Nieves Álvarez capsule collection that can be purchased at El Corte Inglés.

Maple Pillar

Pilar de Arce has worn some of her famous blazers more than once, on this occasion she has opted for this two-piece suit with a modern air. How has it given the trendy touch? without more, adding a metallic top strapless neckline. Metallic garments and accessories are the great trend of the season, now at Christmas time they elevate the looks but they have a life beyond December 31.

Maple Pillar

Pilar de Arce’s black suit, a jewel for the wardrobe

The blazer is cropped in crepe fabric and with a lapel collar, it has an original interior lining in black animal print in satin fabric that makes the difference and the pants, the key, are culotte style and with a great effect. There is no more flattering garment than culottesin this case with flattering darts at the waist, high waist and plenty of volume which visually refines the legs and stylizes the figure.

The Extreme Collection x Nieves Álvarez Black Suit
The English Court (001031375000010). Blazer €398

How to wear the black suit that Pilar de Arce ‘shares’ with Nieves Álvarez?

The possibilities multiply with this suit that we can literally take from the office to a super chic and important event. The Basque influencer, one of the women for her style +50 on Instagramshe wears it with fine-heeled shoes and a metallic top, but she could well combine it with other footwear and accessories to achieve multiple outfits, both day and night:

  • I could take it with a basic white shirt for an office look.
  • If it’s cold, this suit looks perfect with lightweight knit sweaters tucked in and high boots tucked under culotte pants, which also slims the legs.
  • The cropped blazer combines with all kinds of jeans. If they are high-waisted, your figure will look super slim, as well as with basic knitted dresses or the typical black tube skirt.
  • Culotte-style pants, what to say about them! They are the most versatile pants and the greatest effect of all. At 50, wear them stylishly with all kinds of sweaters, blouses, t-shirts, jackets and even sweatshirts. And equally with footwear: from high heels to ballerinas, high boots or slippers.
  • Add an oversized cloth coat for a layered look.
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