The Reign of Lilith Czar +2023

Photos by Dylan Schattman

Julia Simms is dead. But with every ending there is a new beginning: From the dirt and dust that was left of Simms rose a new being ready to wreak havoc on rock ‘n’ roll – Lilith Czar. “I felt this longing for something more meaningful, something bigger, and something that could represent change,” says Czar. “After everything I’ve been through in my career, a lightbulb went on and I became a completely different person. I knew I wanted to completely change direction and change everything.”

After wearing her government name for 15 years, performing in bands and as a solo artist, Czar left it all behind. She knew this was a risk, but it was a change that had to happen. Many musicians or bands have changed their names over the years. Hell, Prince even became an unspeakable icon in 1993. Becoming Lilith Czar was more than a simple image change, it was a renunciation of her past and a complete rebirth in aesthetics, sound and spirit.

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