The recipe with which the grilled prawns are perfect (and without staining anything) +2023

Prawns are crustaceans full of possibilities but today we want to explain how to make some grilled prawns perfect. Also, telling you the trick to not stain anything in the process, not even the iron itself. The goal is to get prawns well cooked and golden on the outside and, at the same time, very juicy on the inside. The kind that peel easily and that cannot be missing at self-respecting events and family gatherings or friends.

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First of all, we cut a baking paper that is the same size of the plate in which we are going to cook the prawns. Then we will proceed to make the grilled prawns on said paper. This is important because it perfectly lets the heat pass but protects our griddle from odors, liquids and prevents food from sticking.

We then place all the prawns on the paper, aligned and facing the same direction. Thus, when we turn them halfway through cooking, We will avoid that by any mistake it is done only on one side.

grilled prawns

Then, in the area where the head and body of the shrimp meet, we put some grains of coarse salt (as you can see in the photographic collage). Then, we add a drizzle or thread of extra virgin olive oil and let them cook, over high heat, for two minutes.

past time, turn the prawns over with tongs, and let them cook on the other side for another minute or two, depending on the size and thickness of the prawns. Of course, taking them out to a source and tasting them immediately.

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