The recipe for this cream is perfect for a light, fast and inexpensive (as well as easy) dinner. +2023

Sometimes we want it all, knowing that this is almost impossible. However, when it comes to recipes, we can take out our most demanding version, because there are always ways to achieve (almost) everything we want. With these premises, today we show you a recipe to achieve a fast, light, cheap, easy and delicious dinner. In form of cream of zucchinithis proposal is perfect for colder nights Y cozy at home.

First of all we are going to cut the onion in juliana to fry it in a casserole with a little EVOO. If we want it, we can add a peeled garlic clove. We let the onion poach, but over low heat to prevent it from taking on too much color.

Zucchini Cream Healthy Recipe 02

Chop the zucchini with their skin (well washed), and peel and cut the potatoes into irregular pieces. Once the onion is ready, we will add the chopped zucchini and the potatoes to the casserole. We are going to fry the mixture for about ten minutes. We can peel the zucchini if ​​we prefer, but the final cream will be a lighter color.

Once that time has passed, we will add the vegetable broth and let the mixture cook for another 20 minutes. Once we have everything ready, we will crush it with a blender -we can also pass the cream through the potato mill-.

Healthy Recipe Zucchini Cream 03

Once we have the stew, we will put it back in the casserole in case it needs to be seasoned with salt and pepper. It is at this moment where we are going to add the liquid cream with the intention of achieving a cream-like texture (and not a puree style). Cook for another five minutes and serve.

With what to accompany the zucchini cream

There are many ways to accompany this zucchini cream. If you want to pamper yourself. a bit, some small pieces of ham become a great companion, although we can also replace it with some simple bread croutons (if they are from a good bakery, even better). if you prefer something simpler, sprinkle a little black pepper and a pinch of grated cheese. In both options, all aspects are delicious.

Also, if you prefer, we can always cook the zucchini cream in Thermomix.

Photos | Kubra Dogu, Direct to the palate

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