The reasons why Britney Spears fans think the singer is still captive and ask her to come back with #wheresBritney +2023

Britney’s life hasn’t been easy. we could see it in the Netflix documentary that once again put the hashtag #FreeBritney in the eye of the media hurricane that surrounds the singer. She then married Sam Asghari and her social media life kicked off again.

But now it’s back in the news and the conspiracy theories that fans are posting on social media, specifically on TikTok, are to blame. The new hashtag is #wheresBritney and according to the fans, the princess of pop’s instagram account is not being managed by her, but by someone else.

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The reason Britney Spears fans think she’s not the one using her Instagram

The singer’s fans have begun to investigate every detail in the Colombo style, after her husband uploaded a video of the birthday of Britney Spears. She did not put anything and Sam Asghari uploaded a video talking about life with Britney and in the background and for just 3 seconds the singer is seen but no one has seemed to believe that it is her.

Another video was uploaded in which Sam Asghari sang happy birthday to her and she supposedly replied “thank you very much” with a strange tone of voice. As engraved. Judge for yourself:

Videos that disappear, photos that are only around for a few hours, and a whole horde of fans wondering where Britney is. who has been missing from her Instagram for days. She until she posted a photo (the same as hers a year ago) that she later deleted:

In her latest reels, they don’t seem to like her either and they analyze her accent that seems to have disappeared in the video. There are fans who even say that since she went to Mexico, it is not her.

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There is even talk of CGI in the video of her dancing and other videos of the singer in which she seems to be in the same clothes are looked at with a magnifying glass. As if content is being reused.

There is even talk that he is not in Maui and that it is all false.

Of course, what we see in networks of good Britney is not the most normal thing in the world. And although she has continued to upload content, it seems that this does not convince the fans who ask for a live show in which the singer appears to stay calm with all that matter.

Photos | instagram @Britney Spears

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