The reason why huskies or Siberian dogs have blue eyes

The reason why huskies or Siberian dogs have blue eyes +2023

If we talk about Siberian dogs, we all have the same image in our heads. A husky dog ​​that looks like a wolf, with pointy ears like a German shepherd’s, but with lighter fur and those piercing blue eyes so precious. Do you know why they are that precious and mesmerizing color?

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They can be bigger or smaller, more robust, whiter or darker. But they almost always have this trait in common: beautiful blue eyes. Why are they only the clear-eyed dogs? Until very recently it was believed to be due to the protein premelanosebut some american researchers They have given for another reason.

husky siberian dog blue eyes

In this study they have concluded that the characteristic of blue eyes (or one blue eye and one brown eye in some cases) is due to the duplication of chromosome 18 in the DNA of this breed of husky dogs. Of course, there are other dogs with light eyes, but in the case of Siberians it is common to almost the entire species.

husky siberian dog blue eyes

So if you have ever wondered why your furry has those incredible blue eyes and is a Siberian, know that it is part of his precious genetics and one of the most repeated characteristics in dogs of that breed.

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