The promise that the Netflix miniseries “Harry & Meghan” has made us has left us with hype through the roof +2023

six episodes. Netflix has only needed six episodes and a promise, to tell us everything about the love of the Dukes of Sussex. And who says love, says everything that has surrounded their lives since they began their romance back in 2016. With that alone, they have hooked us and we are like a tuna with the bait hooked.

After knowing that Netflix had signed Meghan Markle and Prince Harrythe controversial interview with Oprah and the documentary Harry and Meghan, earthquake at Windsor Housefrom Amazon Prime Videocountless questions haunt us, especially after hearing in the trailer a promising phrase: “Nobody sees what happens behind closed doors”.

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Prince Harry says he has done everything possible to protect his family and Meghan Markleaffirms that “When the stakes are so high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear the story from us?”. And yes, I for one want to hear that story from him as much as I want Chris Evans (one of the most handsome men in the world), I knocked on my door dressed as a delivery man from Seur. I look forward to it (almost) with the same fervor.

With the release date yet to be confirmed, we don’t know if it will be one of the premieres of 2023or if luck will be with us and we can enjoy it before the end of this year.

The Serie harry & meghanthe next Netflix bombshell

As the synopsis of the Netflix series assures, harry & meghanin this particular documentary that before its premiere was already surrounded by controversy, not only the beginnings of their courtship are analyzed and explored, but also the challenges that led them to feel forced to depart from their full-time duties at the institution.

We will not only see them, but also family and friends who have never made public statements, as well as historians who analyze the state of the British Commonwealth today and the relationship of the royal family with the press.

Harry And Meghan Netflix Series

It is directed by Liz Garbus, twice nominated for an Oscar and winner of an Emmy, so the work will be done with pleasure and with the hype that accompanies it, we would not be surprised if it slips between best miniseries on netflix. At the moment, the promise of Netflix to tell us the whole story from the hands of its protagonists and with apparently little filter from the Royal House, has us with the hype through the roof, although in Spain there is still no release date for this media bombshell.

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