the operations to which he has undergone to give a twist to his physique +2023

Many consider the women of the Pombo clan the Spanish Kardashians. Saving the distances (which are many), we are talking about two families who expose their lives on social networks daily and who have managed to create an empire with their image. In both cases the same pattern is repeated: one of them is the queen bee (Kim and María) and her sisters join the party.

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María Pombo was born on October 17, 1994 into a wealthy family. After studying tourism and protocol, in 2012 she opened her first social network and her success was not long in coming. Yes indeed, his relationship with the soccer player Álvaro Morata in 2014 was of great help to achieve the status of celebrities national.

A year of love culminated in a notorious breakup – rumors of infidelity on the part of the athlete included – but love reappeared with Pablo Castellanos, her current husband and father of her children.

To this day, Pombo accumulates almost three million followers in instagram and his face occupies the covers of the most traditional gossip magazines in our country. As with most celebrities, over time it has undergone the odd touch-up. In this case, we are not facing major changes, but it is time to comment two operations that she herself has confirmed openly.

The two operations that have been made public

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The first time he stepped into an operating room was to undergo rhinoplasty. According to María herself, she broke her nose twice during her youth and this caused her severe ailments. To correct the deviation and achieve optimal results, he needed two sessions in different years.


At the age of 23, he underwent his first operation, but the result was not as expected, so he once again put himself in the hands of a professional to draw his desired nose. Looking at the before and after photos, the change is easily seen, both in size and shape. The influencers He shared the entire process through his Instagram channel and resolved all the doubts of his followers.

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Beyond her nose, there is another retouching that María Pombo has undergone. At the end of last January, the Madrid opted for a chest operation. In this case, we talk about a breast reduction.

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As with rhinoplasty, Pombo did not hesitate to discuss all the details with his followers. “Apart from the fact that it grew after giving birth to Martín, it emptied out and there was less muscle and more skin. It was more weight that my neck had to bear and more headache. Pure comfort, ”she explained.

“I decided to get implants for prevention, the smallest that exist, 100 cc, and prevent them from falling out or emptying in the future. Of course, the law of gravity is the law of gravity and against that there is no definitive solution, ”he added in his message.

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Without a doubt, the retouching was highly satisfactory. “I cannot explain to you the emotion that my person has. It’s only been 22 days, but already I am completely happy with the change. It still has to adapt a lot to my body and have a natural fall and movement ”, he pointed out in his stories from Instagram.

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In short, the influencers has chosen two fairly discreet changes that they have improved both their quality of life and their appearance (without actually looking like another person or anything similar).

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