The Netflix announcement about Harry & Meghan meets with polarizing reactions from the audience +2023

In the past few months, the question surrounding the Harry & Megan The Netflix deal and the anticipation of the documentary have grown enormously. After the Megxit, a phenomenon no one expected, got the icing on the cake with the couple’s appearance on Oprah, fans just wanted to know more.

Much like you taste a new delicacy and it becomes your staple afterward, audiences can’t get enough of Harry and Meghan for more reasons than one. There’s something about learning what’s going on in the royal family, from two people who have been such central parts of it and will continue to be as things develop, that’s very fascinating. And like everything included Harry & Meganthe official announcement of their Netflix documentary sparked polarizing reactions.

What do fans think of Harry & Meghan?

With the pair’s appearance on the Oprah interview garnering more than 17 million views for CBS, the OTT Mughal knew he was signing on to the for popularity Harry & Megan Documentary. And the recent announcement is proof of that.

The streaming giant released a short teaser that made one thing very clear: the documentary is Harry & Megan unfiltered and in your own words. But more than the content of the teaser, which is mostly black-and-white images, the timing caught the audience’s attention.

That Netflix The announcement of the documentary split the audience in half. One is pro-Mehan Markle and Prince Harry while the other believes the couple has a hate agenda against the royal family.

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After the publication of the Harry & Megan Teaser, part of the audience has stood up to support Meghan Markle after seeing a picture of her crying. However, the other half raised questions at the time of the announcement.

The Prince and Princess of Whales have been constantly pitted against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, although the title is awfully clear. And many have now accused the couple of deliberately releasing the teaser just as Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to travel to Boston. While it’s unclear if this was a deliberate attempt, this is definitely great noise marketing.

Do you think Harry and Meghan released the teaser on purpose to sabotage Prince William’s tour? Let us know in the comments below.

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