The Marypaz outlet has half-priced leather ankle boots with which to gain a few extra centimeters +2023

If like me you are from team “I barely make it to one sixty”, I’m almost sure that When buying any shoe, there is a feature that you value a lot and that is the heel.. It doesn’t have to be a Manolo Blahnik-type stiletto heel (in fact it’s more comfortable when it’s not), but with a chunky heel or a platform we’re more than happy.

Seven Pedro del Hierro jumpers reduced to half price to face the cold with style

Of course it is not essential and it does not limit us when buying, but if we can choose, better that our footwear adds a few centimeters more, of course. That’s why when looking for our ideal leather ankle boots for this winter we came across this design from Marypaz We said: this is ours.

And not just because the ankle boots have a perfect heel of 6.1 centimeters -which also-, but because they are reduced to half price (they cost 99 euros 49 euros!) and made of leather. Wow, if we wanted to imagine better ones it would cost us a lot:

Black Leather Buckle Boot

Leather heeled ankle boots

Leather heeled ankle boots

also in brown

Brown Booty Marypaz

We are not going to deny that we like it better in black because it goes with everything (sometimes we commit the sin of being too basic, we know), but it should be noted that the same design is also available in brown for the same price: 99 euro 49 euro.

Brown leather ankle boots

Brown leather ankle boots

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