The long hair you have to ask for at the hairdresser this fall is Kaia Gerber’s +2023

Chestnuts with long or midi length hair looking to find a hair formula for the whole season are in luck: kaia gerber It’s all the inspiration you need. His mane has it everything to succeed this autumn/winter: color with nuances and enough light to illuminate the face, a trendy cut that favors all types of faces and easy styling that allows an outpouring of style on every occasion.

The first thing that catches our attention about the model’s hair is that just released the new season, her style allows us to continue delighting ourselves with the naturalness of the waves that usually live their best moment during the summer. We don’t know why when the high temperatures end we forget about that undone hairstyle so rejuvenating and flattering. For this reason, Kaia Gerber’s commitment to continue perpetuating her survival in the coming weeks seems to us to be quite a style success.

The renewed layers of Kaia Gerber

The fault that she maintains that casual finish is, in large part, the cut of her hair. After abandoning the shag and, later, the sachel as a natural evolution of the first, the daughter of Cindy Crawford has discovered a new formula to take advantage of the layers: the frame cut. With him, play to establish different lengths of layers that adapt to their features to bring out the best of their beauty.

Kaia Gerber's mane has everything to be one of the most

Kaia Gerber’s mane has everything to be one of the most desired this fall.Instagram @kaiagerber

Thanks to the strategic selection of strands, it is possible to accentuate features features of the face making the layers more or less marked signal cannons. It is an ideal technique to clean up the hair while respecting the length to the maximum, so if you are thinking of an autumn cut that does not interrupt your purpose of showing off long hair this season, you are interested in taking note.

Halfway between the clavicle and the chestthe irregularly paraded length of Kaia Gerber allows, in turn, a very interesting game of volumes for long hair with fine hair, since it gives it a textured finish capable of adding an effect of more body and density to the hair.

Fall hair color is Kaia Gerber’s

Since this summer, the model subscribed to the honey brunette. This tone promises to be one of the most sought after this summer, both for blondes who want to take a turn towards a darker tone and for brunettes who seek to lighten their color without making a radical change. The great benefit of this tone is that its maintenance does not require regular visits to the beauty salon, since it is a caramel brown that fades towards the tip following a technique that copies the naturalness of reflections created by exposure to the sun. In this way, the face is illuminated so it is very flattering to all faces.

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