The internet rejoices in the return of teen wolf sensation Dylan O’Brien to Twitter as he celebrates Euphoria sensation’s birthday +2023

There’s something about Dylan O’Brien that fans never get over him, or we can call it an OBSESSION! His role as Stiles Stilinski on MTVs teenage wolf was the time that began his near-cult status as an online friend. The American actor has won hearts immensely with his socially awkward but incredibly lovable character.

His reboot in the Taylor Swift romantic drama All too well left viewers mesmerized by him once again. From new interviews to adorable interviews, people have always complimented his presence. Now the Internet rejoices like that teenage wolf Sensation returns to Twitter as he celebrates euphoria Sensation, Alexa Demie’s birthday.

Dylan O’Brien made the internet gaga with his comeback

Dylan O’Brien recently made his comeback to Twitter after six months when he wished Alexa Demie a happy birthday. The post explained “Happy birthday, Alexa Demie.” When fans saw his post on the platform, they immediately started commenting and asking where he had been all this time.

A lot of people told him to take action, as we all know maze runner Star pops up on social media from time to time. A fan commented: “YOU HAVE BEEN SILENT FOR SO LONG I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO RESPONSE TO THAT NOTIFICATION.”

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Another fan said: “STAY ACTIVE, CAN YOU HEAR ME.” The beloved internet friend’s arrival on Twitter got fans excited that the king is back in town. Take a look at some hilarious comments fans have shared.

Meanwhile, after his brief on-screen appearance in All too well, the 31-year-old star is preparing for his new projects. According to the sources, he is starring in the upcoming queer sex worker drama pony boinext to Victoria Pedretti, river Gallo and pose Indya Moore.

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