The Instagram accounts that inspire your haircuts and colors for your hair of the season +2023

The season is loaded with new hair trends what concerns to cuts and new tones for your mane. The question is how to find the one that suits you best and have endless ideas to be sure. To help you in this task, we have searched for the Instagram accounts which without a doubt are pure inspiration If you don’t know what to do with your hair this season. With them, you will find him makeover what are you looking for

If you are looking for inspiration to give yourself a haircut that it fits you ideally, take advantage of your hair texture and easy maintenance, you will like this account hairdresser Australian with over 15 years experience. In addition, they are experts in adapting the color to the cut to find the one that best suits your features, your personality and lifestyle. He even proposes the best treatments for a soft and luminous mane.


Of the hair beads that inspire us the most from Los Angeles, we love the one from Hiroexpert in haircuts dry and capable of transforming lifeless hair into a mane full of movement with layers invisible, waves… bobsmullets and bangs dreamy are their specialties.


From London, we cannot stop admiring the Instagram account of George Northwoodcelebrity stylist like Alex Chung, Sienna Miller, Alicia Vikander or Stella McCartney. In addition to her iconic bobs we cannot help but admire her wicks and the luminous coloring that he achieves in each and every one of his clients. And it is that it creates looks that adapt to the routine of hair care daily and also look natural without looking like you just went to the hairdresser. It is like the artificer of no make up – make up of the hair. And for him, less is more when it comes to wearing our hair.


John Nollet is behind the most copied cuts, hair colors and hairstyles on the planet. Charlotte Casiraghi to Monica Bellucci or Marion Cotillard either jennifer connelly These are just some of the celebrities that have passed through his hands. He was the author of the iconic curly microbob of Audrey Tautou in Amélie and was the creator of the Hair Room Service that allows any woman in the world to pick up the phone and request an appointment with John to fix, care for or change her hair in a hotel room. In his Instagram account, you can find the best inspiration for the cuts and hair colors more appetizing to change your look, as well as hair care tricks.


It is to get into the account of Harry Josh and want the manes that you get on your clients. The list of celebrities who trust him ranges from cindy crawford a Lily Aldridge, Gisele Bndchen or Helena Christensen, among others. And it is that it is more than the hairdresser of celebrities because it has its own line of tools to model hair. Share tricks and step by step to shape your hair, updos and waves, as well as the most inspiring look changes to give your hair a twist.


blondes luminous, glacial, strawberry copper… there is no hair color that resists Aura Friedmann, one of the most successful colorists. She is the author besides the pink hair of Lady Gaga, from the two-tone hair of the singer MIA or the platinum blonde of Selma Blair, among others. His account inspires makeovers more extreme but at the same time more surprising even in pastel tones.


If we talk about highlights and the most sought-after haircuts in the world, we have to talk about those of Andrew Davis. from their blondes iconic, to the wicks of Olivia Palermo, and other of her layered haircuts that you will see in your account, are your best letter of introduction. Also, his hair hacks become the best of our inspirations. You can even discover the benefits of each of the fashion cuts in many of their posts.

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