The influencers of 50 will exhaust the Zara sweater with ruffles that best suits a white shirt +2023

One more Monday, Carmen Gimeno has left us a lot of inspiration to start the week. She starts the December bridge and to welcome her, The influencer has worn a casual look that is very easy to copy and that a working day is just as useful as one of those holidays in which there are relaxed plans to enjoy. Carmen has opted for a set of basics in which the first thing that has caught our attention has been a pink knitted sweater from Zara that it cannot be more beautiful and that we already copied it.

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The knitted sweater from Zara that Carmen Gimeno has worn

Since 2022 began, we have been telling you that pink is the leading color of the year. And it is being until the end! Even in one of the coldest months, this tone is perfect for giving light to looks, to have a good face effect super flattering and to rejuvenate them. In addition, it suits both brunettes and blondes and different skin tones. And wear it in a knitted sweater like the one that Carmen Gimeno has signed at Zara it’s a safe bet.

It’s time to give all the prominence to those beautiful, warm and versatile basic jumpers with which to impeccably complete everyday looks. Carmen Gimeno has done it with this sweater that is characterized by being round neck, long sleeves, for its fabric and especially for its rufflesthose in charge of giving it the touch of originality.

Carmen Gimeno

Carmen Gimeno

Carmen Gimeno with a Zara knit sweater.

How Carmen Gimeno has combined the knitted sweater from Zara

This knitted sweater from Zara has infinite possibilities when it comes to combining it, and Carmen Gimeno has done it in a super simple and easy to copy way. We break it down below so you can imitate it now.

  • Carmen Gimeno’s pink sweater looks great with a white shirt. Take a look at how the influencer has worn it because she is one of the ways that influencers +50 are wearing the mix of sweater and shirt the most. Carmen has given a casual touch to her look by wearing the shirt outside the jeans.
  • As for the pants, Carmen Gimeno has worn dark jeans one of those that are a staple of the season. And watch out for the hem, because it has joined the trend of wearing it frayed, a way of giving the outfit a modern touch.
  • As for coat, He has also worn a basic one, long and gray. And she has taken it over her shoulders, a way of putting it on that gives a more elegant point if possible to the whole.
  • And how could it be otherwise, has finished off this daily look with some Converse. The influencer is a big fan of sports-style shoes and these are among her favourites. She knows that she can turn to them whenever she wants to be comfortable and rejuvenate a look and once again she has done it again.

We copied the look with a knitted sweater from Zara by Carmen Gimeno

We already copied Carmen Gimeno’s basic look because it seems to us an ideal proposal for those daily days or for those relaxed plans in which comfort is not incompatible with showing off your best version.

Zara knit jumper
Zara (REF-5802/155)

Zara knit jumper

Zara knit sweater.

Zara jeans
Zara (REF-8197/138)

Zara jeans

Zara jeans.

White shirt
Zara (REF-8668/927)

White shirt

White shirt.

Zara Gray Coat
Zara (REF-3046/301)

Zara Gray Coat

Zara gray coat.

Converse ( Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Hike)
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