The influencers +50 have the most comfortable and elegant Christmas look +2023

Who can resist having a sequin skirt in their wardrobe? One of the easiest to combine is the midi length skirt and Carmen Gimeno it is clear. This year bet on red with this design of Zara knit and sequin midi skirt. His way of combining this skirt has aroused our curiosity because it is original and super youthful.

Nuria Roca will wear out the openwork sweater from El Corte Inglés that best suits a midi skirt and ankle boots

If the most logical thing to do is to think of a formal and Christmas look in which to combine the sequined skirt with sandals or pump-type heels, the influencers +50 It surprises us by wearing it with a turtleneck sweater and high-top military boots with track soles.

The original look of Carmen Gimeno

Carmen Gimeno with sequin skirt

Carmen Gimeno starts that Monday in December by sharing an urban, comfortable and different look that has undoubtedly inspired all her followers. The influencer wears a special skirt with loose thick rubber lace up boots. Complete the look with one of her favorite 2022 coats, gray (matching the sweater) and her Gucci bag.

Obviously, and more than ever, her red lips stand out much more when combined with the same color of this Zara skirt. A garment that has already gone to our Christmas wish list.

Zara sequin midi skirt

Zara skirt
Zara (Ref: RED | 3920/115) €45.95

The Zara skirt that Carmen Gimeno is wearing has a midi length, high waist and low waist with a side opening. It is a vibrant red color that is very flattering, both for blondes and brunettes, and it is one of those garments that you can combine in many ways. An investment that you can get a lot of out of throughout the year and not just at Christmas.

Other ways to combine a sequin skirt

We show you that the skirt of this influencer + 50 is a most interesting signing with these ideas to combine it:

  • for the classics: with white shirt, black pumps and gold choker. Ideal for an elegant evening party.
  • for the modern: with tight black bodysuit and cowboy boots. Perfect for an afterwork or dinner with friends.
  • For the urban ones: with a t-shirt with a drawing (music group, message, etc.), leather biker and military boots. Ideal for an informal dinner.
  • for the most fashion: with a semi-transparent tulle t-shirt, red feathered sandals and tight red tights. For the Christmas party or New Year’s Eve.

High-top military boots

High-top military boots
Krack (REF: 396302) €62.95

We have signed on the Spanish firm Krack some high-top military boots with a thick rubber sole and toothed very similar to those of Carmen Gimeno. If you want to copy her look, don’t hesitate to put it on your gift list for Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. You can also give yourself a gift when you buy them thinking about all kinds of looks that you can create from these boots.

From wearing them with all kinds of midi skirts, as the influencer +50 inspires us, to doing it with jogger pants, leggings, short dresses, long dresses, etc.

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