The hair colors you will see everywhere this fall 2023

The hair and color trends for this fall seek luminous manes Y warm In addition to very flattering hair tones. And also, this new season will be full of contrasts. As the stylist tells us Yolanda Aberasturi “the chestnuts and brown tones They add shine and prominence with hazelnut highlights by mixing various color-over techniques that are customized to the type of haircut and face shape.”

Face framing highlights and vanilla blondes

In addition, in terms of highlights, we will see many face framing, especially around the face, a trend that returns from the 90s and that it continues to rise in hairdressers with vanilla or platinum blonde tones and also “silver nuances are very popular for the White hair that continues to be a trend,” says the expert.

Light browns and warm blondes

Also the bronde tones and the warm browns and the vanilla blondes like Barbiecore more platinum and ultra-luminous. We’ve rounded up the most flattering fall hair colors that you’ll see everywhere.

Spiced Blonde or spicy blonde

Lily James, with a spicy blonde or spicy blonde tone at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

Lily James, with a spicy blonde or spicy blonde tone at the 2022 Emmy Awards.GTres Online.

Among the most desired tones, is the so-called Spiced Blonde either spicy blonde, which combines golden and copper color ranges typical of this time of year, with a subtle but very flattering result and rich in nuances. It is ideal for light hair that is attracted to the idea of ​​going to the copper tones but in a soft and respectful way with our hair. In addition, depth can be added depending on the result we are looking for and it is very versatile.


Camille Rowe with a half blonde, half brown hair color

Camille Rowe with half blonde, half brown hair color.imaxtree.

It is not a new trend, but the bronde (halfway between the brunette or chestnut and the blonde, blonde) keep stomping for brown and dark hair. “It is about bringing life and luminosity to brown hair with concentrated points of light from the mid-lengths to the ends and it greatly favors both medium-length hair and those that are longer”, as he tells us. lex sestelo.

vanilla blonde

The blondes warmer with vanilla touches They also prevail again this fall against the coldest blondes. It is a color that brings a lot of light to the face but it is recommended to maintain it with specific shampoos for this type of tones. For this autumn-winter, they will take slightly degradedwith a natural base and a smooth transition from mid-lengths to lighter ends.

chocolate cherry

The cherry chocolate chestnuts They will also bring more fun and versatility to brunettes this fall. As he assures us Vanessa Carranza, technical director of the dye firm Rica España, “it is a dark brown with cherry shades that fill the hair with light and movement. Without a doubt, the star color of the season, very original, since the chocolate tone will turn towards the cherry or towards brown depending on the light”. In addition, it has the advantage that it does not rust easily and is easier to maintain.

coppers and redheads

Karen Elson with a ronze redhead between red and casta

Karen Elson with a ronze redhead between red and light brown.imaxtree.

The copper tones and redheads will continue to be a trend this season. In addition to the colors that are close to the natural, the best bet will be the snore (between red and brown) and copper bronze that pull towards the blond, or what is the same, a halfway point between the blond and the redhead.

Noir Dore

The brown and chaste manes

Brown and brown hair look great with highlights that are one to two shades lighter, as shown by Ana de Armas, to give them extra light.GTres Online.

After bleaching and flashy highlights, the noir dore Appeals to the autumn-winter season. And it is that the dark hair tones come from warm light this season. Ideally, highlights are one to two shades lighter than the base for a subtle finish. And it is better to bet on the warmer tones such as chocolate-colored highlights or even icy brown to achieve iridescent shades.

Deep Black

Deep black is still on trend and is synonymous with absolute sophistication. “It is an ideal color to bet on if your hair is damaged and you want to give it a break from more invasive processes or bleaching” Vanessa Carranza tells us.

obsidian black

For dark brunettes who want to achieve brighter hair this fall, there is nothing like betting on the color obsidian black for your mane And the ideal thing to keep this shine and color intact is to bet on hydration and care hair treatments at home and in the salon.

Toasted Caramel

The toasted caramel or toasted caramel hair color is

The toasted caramel or toasted caramel hair color is present in many of the street style looks.imaxtree.

The caramel brown tone or toasted caramel soften brown hair with caramel highlights toasted in the hair to create more multidimensionality in the mane.

blonde barbiecore

Margot Robbie with a pinkish platinum blonde Barbiecore trend.

Margot Robbie with a pinkish platinum blonde Barbiecore trend.GTres Online.

The tendency barbiecore and the movie in which he stars margot robbie interpreting this icon, inspires another of the season’s hair tones, blonde Barbie that will be quite a bet for those girls who are looking for the brightest blonde in autumn.



Do brown blonde seen in the street style of New York this fall winter 2022.imaxtree.

Bleaching your hair is risky but it is another of the trends that we have also seen in regards to the hair tones of the season. It consists of combining both a natural tone and another more fantasy, forming two What brown-blonde or the mixture of the first with other tones such as fuchsia, green… And the second tone is worn on the inner layers or on the sideburns.

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