The fine that I can get if my dog ​​runs away from home and I don’t do this +2023

We continue to work on fully understanding the new Animal Welfare Law, from dog insurance to the mandatory course for pet owners. Today we talk about the sanction that they can give you if your furry escapes from homeup to how much the amount can rise and how it can become a serious infraction.

What must be done so that my dog ​​has puppies now that the Animal Welfare Law prohibits breeding?

According to article 24 of the draft law, pet owners must have a adequate supervision of our dogs and cats, avoiding their escape and always having them located and duly identified with the chip that is mandatory throughout the national territory. Now, if he escapes, you could have to pay a fine of between 500 and 10,000 euros.

fine dog cat escapes

But things can go further, because if you do not report your loss within 48 hours the law will consider this gesture as abandonment of an animal. In this case we would already be facing a serious infraction that can be penalized up to 50,000 euros.

Of course, the law also establishes that these sanctions are applied as long as you cannot prove that the neglect was not abandonment. The objective is to punish those people who leave dogs unattended for days, who ignore their pets and do not look after their well-being.

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