The Faux Out: The Secret Behind the Perfect Blowout

The Faux Out: The Secret Behind the Perfect Blowout +2023

The faux out
This trick is the secret behind the perfect blowout

The Faux Out: The ingenious blowout trick

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Quite a few people have tried Kate’s perfect blowout – mostly without success, because blow-drying with a round brush is not as easy as you might think. However, a new beauty hack is now making our lives easier. He completely dispenses with hair dryers and brushes.

If you don’t have the privilege of being able to go to the hairdresser regularly to have your hair done beautifully, the only option left is the DIY method when it comes to voluminous waves. That usually means: Meticulous sectioning of the hair, brushing up a lame arm from the hair and blow-drying for hours. A lot of effort, where the result is usually not in proportion to the effort. So it’s no wonder that beauty bloggers are always looking for new alternatives.

The “Faux Out” is revolutionizing the beauty game

Admittedly, there are now various alternatives to the classic blow-dry hairstyle: hot roller, Velcro roller or a hot air brush. These work perfectly on short and light hair. However, if the hair is long and heavy, these variants can also take a lot of time. A new beauty trend, the so-called faux out, now promises an even faster result when it comes to a blowout.

What is a faux out?

The faux out is not a blow-dry hairstyle, but rather a technique that is carried out with a wide curling iron or straightening iron. The faux out has long been one of the popular beauty hacks on TikTok, because it promises a dream mane à la 90s top models without making you sweat. All you need is a curling iron with a diameter of five centimeters if possible, some heat protection and, if necessary, some hairspray and hair clips.

And this is how the faux out works

Similar to the blowout, the hair is first divided into thin sections with the faux out. It is best to start with the front strands, spritz some heat or blowout spray on the hair, wrap it around the curling iron and clip it at the roots of the hair to cool. A professional tip: For even more volume, it is worth stretching the front strands on Velcro rollers after the curling iron. Then also prepare the remaining hair with spray, shape it with the wide curling iron and then fix it with a clip to cool down.

When all the hair is rolled up, the finish follows. Put some hairspray on it, wait a few more minutes and the hair can be undone. Important: When loosening the clips and rollers, make sure that the hair is twisted and not pulled straight down, otherwise the hair will lose momentum. Et voilà, the hair is bursting with volume!


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