The elegant and long cardigan by Mango by Vicky Martín Berrocal rejuvenates with sneakers +2023

If you are tired of always seeing yourself with the same looks. The usual formulas of jeans, a shirt, a jacket and ankle boots or a dress and thick stockings with knee-high boots. The time has come to turn towards more sporty and youthful style, but that is not why you get away from the latest trends that succeed in social networks. The perfect example? Vicky Martin Berrocal.

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The Sevillian designer, who is quite an influencer, has conquered us with her latest look. A most comfortable and chic set with which to spend a whole day walking, working or even for an informal date. Is she showing off sports style socks? Yes. Do you have the warmest knitted cardigan? Also. Wait, we’ll tell you more.

The look of Vicky Martín Berrocal

Vicky Martin Berrocal

Vicky Martín Berrocal combines clothes like nobody else low costa Mango outfit starring an oversized knitted cardigan, with his favorite New Balance sneakers, “haute couture” socks, a Chanel bag of those that are inherited and the sunglasses that go with everything (the eternal Ray-Ban Wayfarer in black).

Copies her Mango cardigan

Mango knit cardigan
Handle (REF. 37065958-CAMILA-LM) €49.99

This long-knit cardigan from Mango is made from a flowy fabric and features a belt for a figure-hugging fit. It has matching sweater and wide leg pants to achieve a most elegant and sophisticated total look.

Surely you have noticed that Vicky wears the matching jumper knotted around the neck, one of the trends of the moment. Although it reminds us of a certain posh style, there are many influencers who are now betting on this way of wearing sweaters.

And the Balenciaga socks

Balenciaga socks
Balenciaga (REF:521232372B41077) €85

Balenciaga It is one of the favorite brands of both Vicky and her daughter Alba. It has bags, sneakers, sweatshirts… And from what it shows us, they have also signed the socks of this luxury brand. They are high socks made of an easy-care cotton blend and with the logo on the front of the ankle. You can buy them in black or white.

Low cost lipstick by Vicky Martín Berrocal

low cost lipstick
Revolution Pro

From Vicky Martín Berrocal’s look we also highlight her lipstick. A nude color with a matte finish that has become a total hallmark. The best? She recently confessed that the lipstick she uses daily (even for her appearances on television and events) is one that costs less than €8.

The lipstick that does not take off Vicky Martín Berrocal is the Revolution Pro Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick. If you want the same shade as her, you’ll have to ask for the Swerve in stores like Primor, Aromas, Druni… And if you prefer a glow effect, the same brand has the glossy lipstick instead of the matte one.

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