The Dyson head for dogs that you can put on your vacuum and bring life back without lint +2023

Having a dog at home is the greatest joy in the world. But we all know what it means to give up having a clean house and pet rugs become your best ally. Until now, because the Dyson pet heads are the best friend what we were looking for

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If you have a furry friend with medium or long hair, these accessories for Dyson vacuum cleaners will change your life. They are a three in one that brushes, sucks up loose hair and dander and prevents it from falling on the floor, sucking it directly. Of course, it is not suitable for wool dogs.

Dyson Pet Head

It is a flexible and removable brush head, with retractable bristles for easier cleaning. Plus it comes with a noise control technology and that our dog or cat is not scared or overwhelmed by the sound of the vacuum cleaner. So we can keep houses with pets clean of hair.

Dyson Pet Head

This Dyson pet kit costs 60 euros and is compatible with all vacuum cleaners of the firm which are cordless. Plus, it comes with a hose that extends up to 100cm and makes it easy to brush and vacuum large dogs like German Shepherds.

Photos | Dyson.

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