The Crown tops 2023 Critics Choice Awards nominations for Netflix shows


The Crown tops 2023 Critics Choice Awards nominations for Netflix shows +2023

2022 saw the rise of OTT platforms like no other year. This allowed viewers to experience a greater variety of content. And filmmakers were willing to take risks they previously wouldn’t have dared for fear of box office flops. Although Netflix wasn’t the only strong competitor in the OTT space this year. From Hulu and Amazon to HBO and Apple TV+, all OTT services published quality content for their subscribers. The year is drawing to a close and the 2023 Critics Choice Awards have announced their nominations for the year. Here is the list of all the Netflix TV shows and actors that made it to the 2023 Critics Choice Awards nominations.

Netflix is ​​nominated for “Top Streamer” at the Critics Choice Awards

The 28th Annual Critics Choice Awards has announced its list of nominees for the awards ceremony, which will be held on January 15th next year. Given how HBO published house of the dragon which has a fan base as passionate as that of Harry Potterand FX was constantly releasing exciting competitions, Netflix didn’t have an easy slide this year.

Despite the growing competition in OTT, the streaming giant has managed to be nominated by critics as one of the top streamers. FX, HBO, and Netflix are all tied at fifteen points, while Hulu comes close at fourteen. Critics or not, the streaming giant has us all entwined with its hilarious tweets.

Now let’s look at the companies that have made Netflix one of the top streamers this year.

The Crown is nominated for the Critics Choice Awards

The unique Netflix series The crown shook the world with its release. The portrayal of the royal family was far too close to reality and unlike anything fans had seen before. Considering the series centers around Britain’s monarchy, it has ruffled a lot of feathers. Directed by Peter Morgan, the Netflix series offers top-notch performances and an immersive storyline.

While the series lacks nothing, its fictional retelling of what People’s Princess Lady Diana had to deal with has garnered the most attention. Although the show doesn’t have the most nominations this year, there’s a good chance it will win in the Best Drama Series category.

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The crown won four Critics Choice Awards in 2021 and with the outstanding fifth season leading to the divorce of Princess Diana and King Charles, it’s an easy road to victory.

Ozark Actress Critics Nominated for Best Actress

Netflix’s greatest thriller ozark may be over, but the accolades coming his way are not. Additionally, the Jason Bateman series has been among the titles that have received the most Critics Choice Awards in recent years.

Although the show itself didn’t make the best drama list that year, Laura Linney plays the messiest character in ozark, which is a respected title in itself, is nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series Category. To win, Laura Linney must beat Christine Baranski, Sharon Horgan, Mandy Moore, Kelly Reilly and Zendaya, all of whom have had a wonderful year at OTT.

The Ozark actress is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards

Netflix ozark had some of the best female characters. Ruth in particular won hearts with her character growth and identity. And we have Julia Garner to thank for making the character as iconic as she is today. Garner has received a slew of awards for her portrayal of Ruth.

And again this year, she’s a top contender for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Other talented female nominees in this category include Milly Alcock, Carol Burnett, Jennifer Coolidge, Julia Garner, Audra McDonald and Rhea Seehorn. Julia Garner is also nominated for her performance in the Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie category invent Anna.

Dead to Me is nominated in two categories at the Critics Choice Awards

The whimsical comedy series on Netflix, dead to me, was one of the best comic book releases of the year. In addition, the black comedy was widely appreciated for the release of its third season. Christina Applegate, who plays Jen Harding on the show, is nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series Category.

And given her stunning performance, we’re sure she’ll win. James Marsden is nominated for Best Comedy Series after Christina Applegate.

Dahmer actress gets nominated for Critics Choice Awards

Amidst all the gore and madness in Netflix’s horrific retelling of Jeffrey Dahmer’s murders, we all took a moment to applaud Niecy Nash as an actress. Nash played Glenda Cleveland, the neighbor who almost drove Dahmer on the series.

Netflix dominates the Best Foreign Language Series category in the Critics Choice Awards

Aside from its stunning documentaries, Netflix is ​​known for its diversity. The streaming giant has played a big part in bringing underrated shows from around the world into the mainstream. We all know what happened when it was released Squid Game. In addition, also this year, Netflix played his diversity cards right.

Also this year it has blessed us with several brilliant series in different languages. With 1899 Borgen, Associate Attorney Wooand Cleo, the OTT Mughal kills in this category.

3 Netflix comedy specials nominated for “Best Comedy Special” at the Critics Choice Awards

Having a Netflix special for any stand-up comic is like having an Oscar. The streaming giant always has some of the best comedy specials in its catalogue.

And this year Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune, Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexualand Norm Macdonald: Nothing special were nominated for Best Comedy Special at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards.

Which Netflix series are you burning for? Let us know in the comments below.

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