The Bimba y Lola bag by Carmen Lomana is the most elegant and modern to wear at 60

The Bimba y Lola bag by Carmen Lomana is the most elegant and modern to wear at 60 +2023

One of the celebs that is always synonymous with elegance is Carmen Lomana. The businesswoman always leaves us looks that are pure inspiration and now he has done it with a daily proposal that he has raised to the top with a Bimba y Lola bag that It has made us fall in love completely, either for us or to give as a gift at Christmas. It is ideal!

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Carmen Lomana has worn a look of those that is worth copying because It is made up of wardrobe basics that never go out of style and with which to exude style and elegance.. Take a look at how perfect she has looked and then we will break down her look and We tell you everything about the bag that has conquered us.

Carmen Lomana with a Bimba y Lola bag

Carmen Lomana’s basic look

Carmen Lomana has pulled from the bottom of the wardrobe by wearing a super tasty and warm sweater with which it has joined one of the trend tones of the season, fluid and very easy to combine. This time, she has worn it with white pants that we love because they are one of those fluid and straight lines that are very flattering, they do not mark anything and this is something to keep in mind because it is synonymous with comfort, and they are also very easy to combine. With this set, he has shown how you can dress elegantly without complications. To complete her look, she has worn high-heeled shoes. Carmen always knows how to choose the right footwear to put the finishing touch on her outfits and she has an enviable collection of heels with which she elevates them to the top.

The Bimba y Lola bag with which Carmen Lomana has triumphed

In every good look, the choice of bag is essential. Carmen Lomana This time she has worn one of Bimba y Lola with which she has elevated her proposal for a daily look to the top. It is an elegant bag that at the same time is capable of rejuvenating any style. We tell you all super virtues so you can see what a signing of those that is worth it is like.

This Bimba y Lola leather bag is precious because of its colour. Pink cannot be missing from your looks and wearing it in an accessory like this is a perfect way to include it. Also, its size is super practical. It is small but has enough capacity for you to put your essentials from day to day. And when it comes to wearing it, you will find it very comfortable thanks to the fact that it is a shoulder strap and is adjustable. In addition, its ribbon is super original and it will give a differentiating touch to your outfits.

We copied in Bimba y Lola Carmen Lomana’s bag

We have loved the Carmen Lomana bag so much that Bimba and Lola have left and… We are in luck! It is available in the online store for 210 euros, so it is time to sign it.

BImba y Lola bag by Carmen Lomana
Bimba y Lola (S light pink leather trapeze bag)
BImba y Lola bag by Carmen Lomana

Bimba and Lola bag.

Bag trends for Fall/Winter 2022-2023

We take the opportunity to tell you what they are Autumn/Winter trend bags. It is always a good time to sign a bag and they are also one of the most successful gifts every Christmas. So here is the list of the ones that are most popular so that you are sure to be right when it comes to getting one.

  • Quilted bags. Synonymous with comfort and elegance.
  • Saddle bag. Practical and original at the same time.
  • Tote bag. The most practical to elevate daily looks.
  • Shoulder bag. Ideal to complete your looks with a lot of style.
  • Rigid bag. For all kinds of occasions.
  • Shoulder strap. The easiest to carry.
  • Sack bag. Pure versatility to wear on different types of occasions.
  • Backpack. Maximum comfort for your day to day.
  • Baguette bag with chain. Perfect for the most elegant occasions.
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