The best TV episodes of 2022


The best TV episodes of 2022 +2023

Choosing a best episode of Better call Saul Season 6 is impossible, but we will do it anyway. While some episodes hit higher emotional points, like Rhea Seehorn’s breakdown in the show’s penultimate episode, Episode 10, “Nippy,” is a perfect standalone encapsulation of everything she made breaking Bad Spin-off a triumph in itself.

With just a few episodes left in the series, the series jumped ahead in time to give us a black-and-white Gene Takovic (Bob Odenkirk)-focused episode in which Saul Goodman’s (also Odenkirk) hidden alter ego fell completely back to his Slippin’ Jimmy (Odenkirk, once again) days on an epic mall heist involving Cinnabon, mazes in a field, and two very unlucky assistants. The attention to detail is phenomenal, as usual, and Odenkirk’s performance sways from a hilarious duo show, starring guest stars Jim O’Heir and Carol Burnett, to a late scene that brings out the full power of Saul Goodman, a criminal defense attorney.

Gene, Saul, and Jimmy may be the same person, but in this one episode, Odenkirk reveals the nuanced differences between these three men as he prepares for their eventual destruction — and eventual redemption. – Alex Zalben

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