The best tech gifts for men | 2022 +2023

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If you’re looking for a wow-worthy gift for your boyfriend, brother, father, uncle or a good friend, you’ve come to the right place. We know how difficult it can be shopping for the men in your life. Even if you ask them what they want, the answer is often a vague, not-so-helpful “everything’s fine” or the dreaded “I don’t know.” The good news is that most people like to try out the latest gadgets and tech finds, even if they already have everything. From gadgets that make life easier to some of the hottest products ever, we’ve curated the best tech gifts of 2022 that he’ll actually use and appreciate.

Whether it’s a robot vacuum cleaner, a smart home find that makes his life more efficient, or a pair of stylish noise-cancelling headphones, he’ll thank you endlessly for any of these fun gifts. If he enjoys playing golf in his free time, get him a smartwatch that will give him all the data he needs to play his best game, such as: B. Score tracking, 360 degree runtimes and more. We’ve even found Keurig’s coolest smart coffee maker, which can adjust brew settings according to the K-Cup pod inserted and allows him to schedule brews in advance from his phone. If you’re looking for the coolest tech and a unique gift for the undecided men in your life, these innovative tips won’t disappoint. You’ll even want a few for yourself! Shop our top picks ahead of time.

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