The best supplements for hair loss +2023

The season of the year, the level of stress, environmental or emotional factors, a poor diet, genetic inheritance or hormonal changes are the main reasons that directly affect the health of our hair. This is reflected in finer hair, with less volume, which grows more slowly and breaks more easily and falls out.

Autumn is the time to use hair loss ampoules: the best

Estibaliz Lancha, pharmacist and CEO of my back office, explains that hair is a structure in constant movement, so it is common for us to lose between 50 and 150 hairs every day. When we accuse a greater loss, it is when we have to worry and act in time since it is possible that it derives in one of the different types of alopecia.

If your concern about hair has increased these months, it may be time to add a extra to your hair care. And this materializes in incorporating good habits.

Tips to avoid seasonal hair loss

According to Estibaliz Boat it is advisable to put aside certain habits that can harm your hair health, such as detangling hair when it is wet. It is best to do it before getting into the shower, since wet hair is weaker and more brittle. Or as explained by Dr. Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of the Insparya Groupbefore going to sleep to promote blood circulation, exfoliate the scalp and remove product remains, enhancing shine”. And always from means to ends.

“It is highly recommended to sleep with a loose ponytail or braid, or with a bow clipped to the top. This prevents hair pulling while sleeping and reduces the tendency to break” adds Dr. Portinha.

Likewise, when washing hair, Estibaliz does not recommend that the water temperature be very high, since hot water can weaken the hair follicle. We should not rub the scalp insistently. “With your fingertips, perform a gentle massage that stimulates blood circulation”he concludes.

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In addition, many people tend to dry their hair first by rubbing it with a towel, although according to the doctor “Wet hair is very sensitive and for this reason, it is advisable to opt for pressure gestures to remove excess water, finishing drying it with the help of a hairdryer a hand’s length from the scalp and in the first heat setting or cold”.

Doctor Carlos Portinha insists that food is the basis of hair health and the general well-being of our body. “YOInclude in our diet foods rich in vitamin A, B and C, as well as iron, zinc, magnesium, folic acid and iodinewill help us keep the hair hydrated”. In this way, consuming foods such as carrots, pumpkin, peach and apricot help prevent dandruff and hair loss. “And, of course, drinking a lot of water is essential to hydrate the internal structure of the hair” adds the doctor.

The lack of certain nutrients has an effect on the hair. And in this aspect the Food supplements They are the best alternative to focus the action. Julia Chacón, CEO and founder of the Spanish nutricosmetics firm Luxmetique, advises take them for 3 consecutive months to prolong its action. Dermatologists recommend taking, to prevent hair loss, foods rich in biotin, vitamin D, and folic acid.

The pharmacist comments that “It is recommended that increasing the consumption of vitamin B3, responsible for improving blood circulation in the scalp; the Vitamin E, that helps to strengthen the hair and restore its damage; or the ironnecessary for the oxygenation of the scalp and the synthesis of capillary melanin”.

In addition to taking care of your diet, you can reinforce the nutrient intake by taking a food supplement for hair

Supplements to include in your hair loss routine

Keratin caps from Mi Rebotica

Keratin Hair And Some 90 Caps

They contribute to improving its density and strength, while at the same time achieving less fall due to breakage. This supplement has also been made with ingredients such as brewer’s yeast, biotin, selenium or zinc, which strengthen hair and contribute to its growth and improve its appearance and shine.

Price: €15.92.

Floreve Paris In Youth Anti-Hair Loss Treatment


Blisters to combat the factors that can affect our hair such as seasonal changes, hormonal disorders, stress, pollution and processes such as bleaching or ironing. They contain keratin, horsetail and sage. They reduce hair loss, stimulate their growth and strengthen the hair fiber. And they taste like honey, mango and passion fruit.

Price: €42.71.

René Furterer Vitalfan Vitality Hair and Nails


Food supplement in the form of capsules Formulated with magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamin e, copper and magnesium to bring vitality to hair and nails. Promotes the synthesis of keratin and collagen.

Price/3×30 capsules: 21.44 euros.

René Furterer Vitalfan Vitality Hair and Nails Without Dyes 3x30caps

René Furterer Vitalfan Vitality Hair and Nails Without Dyes 3x30caps

Luxmetique hair formula

unnamed 8

A cocktail of vitamins based on specifically selected active ingredients for all types of hair loss, both androgenic (with natural inhibitors of 5 Alpha reductase, the hormone responsible for this type of hair loss) and seasonal or stress hair loss. It has biotin, zinc, vitamin B2 and D3, copper, for effective protection of hair color, and selenium to protect hair from keratin loss and give it strength.

Price/60 capsules: €35.95.

Integrate this habit into your hair beauty routine and notice the difference

Klorane Keratine Caps

Klorane Keratin Caps Hair Nails X30caps 2

Made from Quinine extract, Vitamins B3, B6, B8, E, Zinc, Selenium and Keratin, micronutrients that treat hair from the inside to care for tired hair.

Price/3×30 capsules: 33 euros.

Klorane Keratine Caps 3X30 caps

Klorane Keratine Caps 3X30 caps

Sephora Beauty Gummies Hair Booster


Jelly beans rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain biotin and selenium that promote hair growth and improve the appearance of nails. And they taste like mango.

Price: 11.24 euros.

Face And Hair Food Supplement SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Gummies Face And Hair Food Supplement SEPHORA COLLECTION

Face And Hair Food Supplement SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Gummies Face And Hair Food Supplement SEPHORA COLLECTION

Jelly beans for hair, skin and nails: the latest beauty trend that conquers the sweet tooth

Eiralabs Skin-Hair-Nails

Eiralabs Skin Hair Nails 1 Scaled E1636042954619

With a raspberry flavor, this food supplement has a multivitamin complex, zinc, iodine and biotin, which contributes to the normal maintenance of hair, skin and nails. They help promote collagen formation and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Price: 14.62 euros.

Eiralabs Skin-Hair-Nails 60 u.

Eiralabs Skin-Hair-Nails 60 u.

Aime Hair & Scalp Boost

Hair Aime 767x767

The nutricosmetic brand that Parisians love has these food supplement capsules with probiotics, biotin, folic acid and rice protein for a healthy scalp and hair.

At Beldon Beauty, price: 35 euros.

Hair Loss Forcapil

Arkopharma Forcapil Hair Loss Gift 21 90 Capsules

The food supplement used by Paula Badosa favors the strength, growth, resistance and density of the hair to prevent hair loss. It has vitamin B6 that helps regulate hormonal activity and is especially indicated to be taken in times of increased hair loss, caused by stress, menopause, after childbirth, seasonal changes…

Price: 56 euros.

Olyan Pharma Hairgen Capsules


Improvement and maintenance of healthy hair and skin thanks to a combination of pomegranate extract, trace elements and essential vitamins. Among them, biotin, selenium, zinc, silicon, aloe vera, vitamin B5 and vitamin E. It ensures to strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and improve energy production at the cellular level, anti-oxidant action and collagen synthesis.

Price: €62.95.

Nutrilite hair, skin and nail health

A7553 In C 690px 01

Nutritional supplement that promotes strong and flexible nails and helps to achieve healthy hair and smooth and elastic skin. It has biotin, collagen, glycine, l-cysteine, horsetail herb extract, vitamin C, and grape seed extract.

Price: 25 euros.

Hair 910 by Glo

Hair product shadow 1024x 1

Natural revitalizing nutricosmetic with ingredients 100% natural for stronger, denser and shinier hair.

Price: 49 euro.

The viral hair extensions of Instagram that rejuvenate the hair and make it kilometric

The hairdressing treatment that can make a difference in your hair loss routine

Cabin Hair Spa Leonor Greyl In Month 1

To take care to another level, the Hair Loss treatment of Maison Eduardo Sanchez (only at Claudio Coello 57, Madrid) is the secret of those who know the most. A ritual by Leonor Greyl that addresses hair care in 360º. Strengthens and stimulates the bulb to help it continue its natural growth process correctly using suction cups that massage and activate the blood supply to the scalp (remember that hair and scalp age).

The protocol is customized for normal to dry, oily or curly hair with loss. The results are noticeable from the first session, although depending on a capillary diagnosis (with a micro-visor), a shock treatment of 1 per month may be prescribed, for 3 months.

Price: from 120 euros to 200 euros (depending on the length of the hair; hairstyle included).

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