The best news from Zara | December 2022 +2023

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It’s probably no surprise that our team of shopping experts spends quite a bit of time shopping. Every day you’ll find at least one of our editors scouring the web for the best deals, checking out trending new products, and spending so much time browsing our favorite retailers’ websites that we honestly can’t help but buy a new item or two for ourselves. (We’ll admit: it’s a dangerous game.) While we don’t like playing favourites, Zara is usually one of our favorite fashion brands that we can always count on to cure even our worst shopping woes – no matter the season or current trends. We can spend hours browsing Zara’s website coveting everything from glittery dress shoes and oversized bags to bulky winter coats and more.

Luckily, Zara is also one of the many retailers that launch a slew of new styles at the beginning of each month – conveniently located in the New Arrivals section – so we know exactly where to start our monthly shopping spree and grab the freshest styles ahead of time they are sold out. (And trust us, they always manage to sell out.) In honor of the new month, we’ve curated a guide to the best new items to shop (or gift) from Zara this December. Whether you’re looking for a chic party dress for your next family gathering, a classic clutch to round out your winter bag stash, or a dainty accessory to gift to the fashion lover in your life, you’re sure to find it this season at Zara. Shop our selection below!

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